Wrong message on WhatsApp and student gave up life


It is a matter of how dangerous it can be to share any message on social media.

Edward Sr., a medical student, committed suicide by sharing an incorrect message on WhatsApp.

It has been found in the inquiry that the message of relationship with a girl who read with Edward was spread in the message.

The court of Coroner (reviewing death) of Newport City of Wales heard personal messages about a relationship with Edward Sr., who had been dispersed among hundreds of people.

Edward Sr. was studying at Swansea University. He was also complained about this message and as a punishment, the university had given him a lecture.

The 22-year-old Edward felt so much ’embarrassed’ that he had self-pity. His body was found hanging from the trap near his house in Monmuthshayer City.
Senior Coroner Wendy James said, “Even though his family was with him, it was not easy for him to get out of the stress of the incident.”

“Clearly, this can not be said that the conditions will be there, they will be feeling lonely and nervous. It is not uncommon for the youth to err, but one mistake of them is the biggest mistake.”

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In the investigation, it was found that after complaining of spreading of his WhatsApp post, senior had been selfish in February itself.

Following this incident, Edward went back to his home in the city of Mangmuthashai in the rage of the city and was told that he used to be disturbed.

He was feeling very anxious before his body was found on the morning. Due to the cause of death, suffocation has been said.

Miss James, who recorded the case of self-harm, said, “This case shows the danger of posting on social media sites.”

“Edward posted this post privately, but his friends made it public, due to which he was not allowed to join many lectures.”

“They wanted to be a doctor, and now they were seeing their future in danger.”

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Edward’s mother Diana said in the investigation that Edward had received 2: 1 scores in Bristol University’s Physiology before being a year old gaap in an orphanage in Ghana.

His brother Max says, “At the age of 22, he had an incredible impact on so many people. Ted (Edward) was a friend of all and always used to help people.”

Edward’s family has created Ted Senior Foundation in his name, which helps young people who are thinking of taking steps like suicide by being disturbed by their life.

The foundation has so far received approximately Rs. 19,000 pounds i.e. 17, 27, 689 rupees.

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