Sperm becomes strong by eating nuts


A new research has found that eating dry fruits produces better quality of men’s sperm.

Scientists say that men who used to eat two handfuls of walnuts, almonds and hazel nuts daily for 14 weeks not only increased the strength of their sperm, but also increased their speed of swimming.

The results of this research have come at a time when the number of sperm of men in western countries is declining. It is being seen by adding food to harm pollution, smoking and health.

Scientists say that with good and balanced feeding this problem can be overcome.

One in seven out of every seven women is facing difficulties in raising a child. In about half the joints, it is due to men.

Scientists researched on 119 healthy men. His age was between 18 and 35 years. These men were divided into two groups.

Of this, a group of 60 grams of dried fruits was given to the food daily, whereas the second group’s food was kept the same as before.

Scientists from this research discovered that sperm of men eating cereals increased by 14 percent while their health improved by four percent earlier. Not only this, there was an increase of 6 percent in sperm strength.

According to experts, this research also confirms other researches that, according to which eating omega-3, fatty acids and anti-oxidant food, fertility is better.

These nuts contain all the nutrients and other nutrients in the nuts.

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Albert Salsa Hautos, doctor of Rovira Virgili University of Spain who researches, says, “Scientific evidence is gathering that good food helps improve fertility.”

However, scientists also say that the men who had been studied were healthy and it is still to see how it will affect the weak men.

Professor Allen Pessie of the University of Sheffield’s men’s science professor says that it is possible that men who eat cereals have made any positive changes in their lives that have not been included in the research. Professor Allen was not involved in the researchers.

Dr. Virginia Bolton, a clinical ambient surgeon in a male hospital in London, says the findings of the research are theoretically interesting, but it is impossible to say what can contribute to increasing the probability of their conception.

She says, “But until we get the answers to all the questions, we should tell our patients that they stop smoking and drinking, eat better and live a healthy life.”

These results of research were presented at the meeting of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Ambience in Barcelona.

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