Social: BJP is trying to save Modi’s ‘move’

_102442613_7331370b-d4fb-46e1-bc6e-7ac7135bfc8f.jpgCongress President Rahul Gandhi shared a news video on Twitter on Monday.

Rahul writes, “PM Modi speaks about his own mind. Everyone knew this. It is known today that they just want to listen to their own mind. ”
According to a video report of a private Indian news channel, “Last month, PM Modi talked through beneficiaries of agriculture through video conferencing. During this conference, PM Modi questioned Chandramani in Kannarpuri in Kanker district of Chhattisgarh. PM Modi asked the question of Chandramani how much income has increased compared to earlier? Chandramani answers – now it has doubled. ”

The matter of Chandramani was presented to the government as its achievement. After this, the channel sent a reporter to Kanherpuri and talked with Chandamani.

The reporter from the Chandramani asks the question, “What is the amount of earning from the paddy cultivation that has doubled?” Chandramani responds- No. In this video Chandramani further says, “We were told that we have to talk to the prime minister. Whether or not you can.
In this report Parshuram Bhoyar, Sarpanch of Kanharpuri further says, “The team which came from the Department of Agriculture, was told that in this way you have to tell. Chandramani has told the same way. But in reality, the fact that Chandramani did what was said to be doubling the income in agriculture has not been found. ”

According to the report, “The government’s claim to double the income of the farmers is furious.”

Will the income of farmers really be doubled?

Modi’s claim: BJP in defense
After tweeting Rahul Gandhi’s report, several Union ministers and BJP spokespersons have come to the rescue of the government. #UnfortunateJournalism on Twitter has been included in the top trends.

Sharing the new video interview of Chandramani from BJP’s official Twitter handle, Written, “Rahul Gandhi ji, how many journalistic and revolutionary journalists have you created. But you can not stop the progress of the farmers in this country. ”
In this video interview, Chandramani says, “The people who take the pulp from Sitaf, I talked to PM Modi and talked about doubling income. The news is being reported in the media that there is double income in agriculture. But we said that income has doubled from our security. I also told the minister (PM Modi) that the amount of money that we used to give in the first 50 rupees was now doubled by taking the pulp after the test we got. I had said about double the income of Pulp and not about farming. ”
BJP’s IT cell chief Amit Malviya shared a video on Twitter.

Says Parashuram Bhoyair, Sarpanch of Kanharpuri in the video, “Pulp is being sold through the group which is going through a self help group in our village. When he came to the news channel he asked that the income from paddy cultivation has doubled. So I gave them the same answer that paddy cultivation is not showing any benefit. I have been benefiting from the successor. ”
That is, if it is understood by simple words, BJP is claiming that Chandramani had said that the issue of doubling of income from Modi was in relation to the affair and in the context of paddy from the news channel.

On Monday evening, the old video of Chandramani’s conversation with Modi was also shared with BJP’s Twitter handle.

In the video, Chandramani says, “First, we used to make paddy in two acres. We did not have much advantage in it. Our family was not satisfied with it. Then we joined the agricultural soul project So first we got 50 rupees, now earn 700 rupees. ”
BJP shared another video on Twitter. Some women in this video say that the news channels are lying.
Farmers’ earnings: What else did Congress-BJP say?
BJP parliamentarian Poonam Mahajan tweeted, “Some celebrity journalists have been exposed while opposing Modi.”
Union Minister of State for Agriculture Gajendra Singh Shekhawat wrote, “It is unfortunate that some people are targeting PM Modi’s good efforts from the fourth pillar of democracy.”
Defense Minister Nirmala Sitharaman also wrote, “It is clear that Chandramani was talking of secession from PM Modi. Chandamani also showed Pulp in a box. ”
Vineet Punia of Congress, while placing a screenshot of BJP tweets on this issue, writes, “Government ministers are copying the copy of each other’s copy. He can not write his own tweet. ”
What did the common people say?
Many people gave their reactions on Rahul Gandhi’s tweet.

@SirJadejaaaa wrote, “Rahul Gandhi and some media people have been exposed. This woman is saying that the income has doubled. What are the news channels Congress spokesperson? ”

Deepak Viraat, who is associated with the Congress, writes, “The BJP has done the job of forcibly imposing its policies in this country.”

Some people are giving their reactions to the BJP’s Twitter handle.

Anjali Tripathi writes, “It seems that Chandramani has also been bought.

Raja, the user of the name, writes, “The progress of the farmers is in front of everyone in the last four years. In the last years of your reign, you gave the slogan to the lollipop to the farmers. Farmers are not trapped in it. ”

How effective the ‘village bandh’ movement of farmers
Government-farmers in Rajasthan face-to-face

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