SACRED GAMES: Lolling tongue of demons of religion should be welfare or destruction?

_102429565_nawazfirstimage.png“Atapi and Watapi were two demons. Atepi invited any passer-by to his house with great love, ‘You come in my house. Maybe you are hungry. I’ll take delicious food. ‘

The passers-by would be happy and in such a case, instead of using their elusive, demonic powers, they took the shape of a goat. Guests would be happy to eat that delicious goat. And so many people used to call Atapi – Vatapi, please come out.

And suddenly the guest’s stomach burst and the flesh of a flesh would come out and the passer-by would run away. Then both of the brothers got danced with happiness, wake up and grow. This is the form of religions. Call the stranger home with love Eat food with respect. Then capture his soul.

Jews, Muslims Christian Muslims.Hindu Muslims. All are super hot. ”

This is an example of ‘Sacred Games’, which is a sacred game that can tell India today and tomorrow for a long time.

The online streaming platform ‘Netflix’ is based on the novel of the original Indian series ‘Sacred Games’ writer Vikram Chandra.
Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Radhika Apte, Pakhun Tripathi, Varun Grover, Anurag Kashyap, Vikramaditya Motwani and many other important names.

These people gather in one place and bring eight episodes of ‘Sacred Games’ in the biopic round of ‘Revenge of Nagin’, ‘Revenge of Saas Bahu’s Tomatoes’ and repaying old borrowings.

At such a time, when the election forums, gutka-paan seeds, boiling with rumors, crowds in the hand, all these discussions are being progressed in the squeezing of religion. Declaring to be the most sacred of their religion.

In such an environment, Anurag Kashyap, who is showing cruelty on the screen and blurred on the ongoing issues in the country, does not surprise himself in deciding to make ‘Sacred Games’.

Mobs lining, Ram temple, sterilization, Congress 70-year statement of Congress, Emergency, Cow, eating table, Goumans, Muslims, Hindus, and all these Bambaiya Dazzle, Sacred Games talk about them all.

Where were ’84?

‘Where were the times of the Emergency?’

Why did not you speak on Bofors?

Why did Shah Bano forget?

Spoke on this and why not speak on it? If such questions can be saved in today’s date, then it is ‘Sacred Games’. From this series, since the Emergency, on the recent days, the eyes stare at your food table with eyes on the camera. Also on the Mandal and towards the vast Virat chariots moving towards the Ram temple.

‘I want to do a roll that dreams for others’
How Comes in Comedy Shows in India
Angelina Jolie who fell in love with the country

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The charioteer, whose charioteer has now become the viewer of the same path, to reach the destination, the impedimented tongue had confused with the palate – the temple would be built there.

Police Inspector Sartaj Singh (Saif), Bombay Mafia Ganesh Gaetonde (Nawaz) is the main character of this series.

Both have a love affair with Bombay. But in the love of Ganesh Gaetande, ‘Love bytes’ are also included, whose marks remain on the fish’s neck. Ganesh gives some bumps to Bombay. But mohabbat does not end up everything. Leave the scope of escape

Ganesh gives Sartaj 25 days and says, ‘Save your city.’

The first season of ‘Sacred Games’ series is the story of 13 of these 25 days.

Our society, full of mortality, sex, abuse, where there are only two identities of a hijra When a child is born, they will take money by clapping. Secondly they can be for consumption – all these ‘Sacred Games’ have given place. This place is exactly the same as you and we see in offices, schools, roads and families.
It does not tolerate our society, being in the field of a girl. Where girls are told, ‘The desk is yours and the field is ours.’

‘I can not afford the bodice to the society, which is only naked.’ Written by Manto, this line seems to be the original feeling of ‘Sacred Games’. Everything looks clean.

But this story is so full of multilayer and many characters that if you want you can look like a whole of India. Especially now India, which is a nation less ‘nation’ more.

‘All have come with their tales. Apun’s work is to add it. ‘

With the help of this Ganesh Gaetode dialogue, there are some glimpses of ‘Sacred Games’ and the current society. In which there are many tales, ‘Apun’ is simply trying to add characters and characters by simply choosing from the Sacred Games.
1. Religion
‘what is religion. Mother is that father? ‘

What is the definition of religion for you now? Has this been changed in the past? Seeing the surroundings, you will probably say yes. The definition of religion also changes in ‘Sacred Games’. When Ganesh Gaetonde is killed very much. Revenge of this death is taken from a religion, not to a human being.

Riots of Babri Masjid, Gujarat, Muzaffarnagar, West Bengal and Bihar Whether Hindus go or Muslims The flag is a religion of dizzying religion. Humans are dying, this is a lot of talk later. Or maybe not.

‘Religion is the biggest business in the world market.’ Paint on the wall of the school reminds the Puthi line – Karma is religion only. But now our work is divided into our society. On the basis of race, color, gender, rich and poor

Poor  do not go to the disco club. They hold sweets or dances on the road playing with sword, churnies and colors. It is only religion, which makes the road a disco.

The boring definitions of capitalism and socialism are eradicated in a shock. Subhadra of ‘Sacred Games’ also explains that religion gives freedom.

Now how to use this freedom, this will not tell the time to come. What is going on now, or what has happened has given evidence in its favor. Just use the eye instead of the eye.
2. Reticular White Hat
A bottle of wavy accelerated in the wind, cutting a white hat, gives the crown a rash. The man dies and ends with the white hat.

The character of ‘Sacred Games’ binti teasing with the Muslims. But is the bunti alone in or out of the curtain? The answer is no.

Rumored to be buried on the tombs of Junaid, Afarazul, Ashul Khan, Akhalak, Qasim will also say – Nothing. It is only a hat, which can be damaged by putting it on the head, holding it in the hand.

There is a scene in ‘Sacred Games’, where a boy killed in a fake encounter demands Junaid’s family insight, posters in the hands and tiredness in the eyes.

Sartaj Singh knows the truth but he chooses the compulsion between the wants and compulsions to speak something.

Now remember, in the last few years, such a number of forged hats will see you asking for justice.

‘My son Mohammed … can not find …’ We have seen many such eyes and have gone ahead. Those eyes have seen a system in us, which keeps the desire for ‘What’s New’ in the heart.

Ganesh Gaetonde, one of the wishes of ‘Watts New’, raises his Hindu everyday and cuts the white hat on the head.

S Hussein Zaidi wrote in his book, ‘Dongri to Dubai’, “After the demolition of the Babri Masjid, women from Mumbai sent bangles to Dawood. Because he did not do anything ‘for his people’ in the riots after the demolition. ”

It would have been a white hat, which would have suddenly felt Dawood Ibrahim and then had a bombshell.

This is the same cap, which also raises American President Trump to the election speeches and also the attackers who have sprayed chemicals on children with pink cheeks in Syria.

If you look around the whole world, then there is this lattice cap somewhere in the center, which can be seen as a flag of religion with small holes.
3. Woman
The poet is a line written by Alokdhnava- It is not just to give birth to a woman.

Anjali Mathur (Radhika) is the raw agent. Agent sitting at the desk entering the inputs from Balochistan.

But then he seems to have an opportunity to go straight into the field. There are two enemies in front. The one who is plotting against Bombay. The other one who is right there at the left. As we are in our offices and homes, we want women to work for what they have been doing.

Anjali battles on both fronts while trying to get off-field from the field and take it with the seriousness of her work. Trying to stay out of the house

How many people would think of keeping women at home? Take a look at the history and the truth around you – religion is like any other, some people love women at home and a bit more inside the house.

How can a girl alone become a heroine like Maya in Bombay? Will there be any Godfather? Now if this Godfather is a mafia, then it gives birth to the possibility of new exploitation.

Brutal possibilities such as ‘do give or else will tell everyone’.

‘Sacred Games’ also boasts the truth of Bollywood, for which many newspapers, website pages and TV channels have filled the programs. Those who make fun of the situation at the end and have written a sentence without any conclusions – this will tell the time to come.
‘Free is free, demands new religion for yourself …’

4. Shakti, System and Mash
‘Shakti is such a thing that comes to everyone who comes and goes, then everything goes.’

Perhaps you might have gone through this one question perhaps Tell a boy / girl if you like. If you love girl or boy then tell?

That is, love can be done only by a boy or a girl? ‘Sacred Games’ responds – no, nothing. This could have been the wisdom of Anurag Kashyap, who could show love for a hijra (sheer). Because when it is talked about, do not mistaken in Ethiopian kutiiyappa.

System One attack of ‘Sacred Games’ is also on our system. Where the scope of speaking truth is low. Some truths that seem to be vulnerable to say, are said to be the threat of snatching the forces by being told.

Policewoman Sartaj Singh who honestly wants to make an identity in Bombay. Anjali Mathur Or the policeman, whose live life was cut into a small room, but when it died, the guns were given salute at the open ground. In front of the father’s corpse, the sound of bullets appearing to be seen for the first time is seen, patriotism is also startled.

We all are settled people from somewhere, that is the passenger. Ganesh Gaetonde also wants to rule Bombay. Wants power. Then these strengths can be seen sitting on a litter pile or mounted on the power chair like a grenade.

The woman taken out of the public court The helicopter flying from the politicians and the ordinary people I see eyeing below. Shouting at the wedding, the baby girl and the son of a noble boy, who is drunk in the marriage, actor.

‘Hello friends drink tea’, people who make fun of the woman …. show the difference of strength.

‘If you want to be a big man, show courage.’

These days these courage is giving religion. Whose purity has been sealed by some contractors. A line of Ganesh Gaetonde can be used to answer such contractors – ‘Apun is now free. Asks for your new religion … ‘

Just stop saying that. Take the name of religion, then bring your own flag of purity, to capture your soul.

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