One such sex disease which can become a ‘superbug’

_102477525_2c7fef4e-1d7d-41bf-8a52-a77bfad06691.jpgMG MG is an infectious sexual disease, which can be proven to be the next superbug if not given attention. Health experts around the world are giving these warnings.

Usually there are no initial symptoms of mycoplasma zenitelium (MG), but it can cause infection in the genitals of both men and women. It is so dangerous that women may also have infertility in them.

MG’s early symptoms are not easily understood, therefore it is also difficult to cure and if the treatment is not properly, then antibiotics can also be neutralized.

The ‘British Association of Sexual Health and HIV’ has released new advice on the disease in view of the severity of the situation.
What is MG?
Mycoplasma is a bacterium that can lead to urinary swelling in the urine. It causes secretion of genitalia and is difficult to piss.

The most serious case of sexual disease
Why do not condoms use poor?
Why is women regretting in sex?
Men’s genitals (uterus and fallopian tubes) may be swollen due to MG. The result can be found in pain, bleeding and fever.

Unsafe sex is being said to be the biggest cause of MG. Condoms can be effective in preventing this infection.

It was first known in the UK in the 1980s and it was believed that one to two percent of the population was affected by it.
The symptoms of MG are not always known and it does not always require treatment, but it can be ignored or it may be confused with other sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia.

Recently some tests have been done to check the MG, but these are not available in all hospitals. It is possible to treat medicines and antibiotics, but in many cases the medicines are not affected by the disease.
Better prevention of condom

The effect of antibiotics ‘macrolids’ used in the treatment of MG has reduced in the world. In the UK, its impact on people has fallen by almost 40%. The relief is that the second antibiotic ‘azithromycin’ is still effective in most cases.

Doctor Peter Greenhouse in Bristol says that the more awareness that people will have about MG, the more help it will get in prevention. He has advised people to use condoms and make safer sex.

Paddy Horner is one of the health experts writing new guidelines for MG prevention.

He said, “The new guidelines have been issued because it can not run on the 15-year old path. If we continue to adopt the old method then there is no doubt that big problems like superbug will be in front of us which will be less than ‘Health Emergency’ Will not be. ”

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