Model provided breastfeeding to child with doll, furore on social media

_102452050_c98fd04f-aa89-4e50-aefa-e60449e82605.jpgAmerican model and actress Krissie Tigon had breastfed a picture on social media, after which she is facing criticism.

In her photo posted on Instagram, Crisi is breast-feeding her baby and daughter Luna’s doll.

Mother Krissey of two children wrote with this picture, “Luna wanted me to feed her doll, I think I have twins now.”

Within one day, three lakh people liked this post on Instagram and it was liked for 18 thousand times on Twitter.

However, not everyone took it positively. Many people criticized it too.
One person wrote that ‘You should not post pictures of personal moments with your children on Instagram.’

Chrisie commented on a tweet even though it was later removed. He wrote that people have problems because of their breast feeding because they have ‘problems’ with other people, they said that breast feeding should not be a big issue.

One Twitter user Cat’o9Tails wrote that she understands the births, periods and breastfeeding of children and it is natural but she does not want to see people’s photos while doing this.

On this, the model commented, “I do not have difficulty in seeing people’s fireworks, fair selfie and swimming pools, so people should respect others.”

Chrisie has done a song with singer John Legend. Many people commented on their Facebook post, some of whom were praising them, someone was saying that they should cover themselves.
People have criticized it as well as its criticism
At the same time, campaigners have praised this for breastfeeding and they also have Hashteg named after the #normalizebreastfeeding.

This is not the first time when a model or actress has put her photos of breastfeeding on social media. In 2016, actress Liv Tyler posted such a picture on Instagram.
Liv Taylor was cast on Instagram
Actress Coolie Newton posted a picture while she was breastfeeding during the Lettut Festival and wrote that it is “the happiest of all”.
Cool Newton said that his body is made for this
In March this year, Canadian singer Alanis Morisset posted a picture with her family on her Instagram, in which she was breastfeeding her baby.

‘First’ male to breastfeed

Breastfeeding is beneficial until the age of five

Why the debate on the breastfeeding woman’s picture?

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