Menasa wants to erase darkness from the world, but how

_102370212_a9242b52-ec64-49bf-9466-5faebfa173e3.jpgNearly 5 crore families in India are still forced to spend their lives in the dark. But fifteen-year-old Manasa Mandu wants to change the life of these people by bringing light.

They have made something that can benefit millions of people from many parts of the world.

Manasa, a resident of Ohio, USA, has developed a new technique through which those parts of the world can be illuminated, where life stops after sun shadow. Through this, electricity can be supplied to the developing countries in affordable prices.

Manasa was given America’s Top Young Scientist Award in 2016 for this invention. Organizing this competition of science organizes the organization named Them Company and Discovery Education.

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A few years ago, Menasa Mandu had come to India with her family to visit. Here he saw the shortage of electricity and clean drinking water and people’s problems. After returning to the United States, he started working on a special project.

He has created a tool called ‘Harvest’, which can be used to generate renewable energy on the expenditure of just five US dollars.

His effort was to invent a way that would save the sun and other kind of energy and convert it to electricity.

“The dark is a reality for the fifth part of the world, which I wanted to change. I wanted some way to change it. My purpose was to use Harvest to be used in any corner of the world,” says Menasa.

How technology works
Manasa started working on the piezoelectric effect, which is a way of gathering energy at one place. Manasa says that they got inspiration from the trees and they first worked to make electricity from sunlight.

But that was not enough. He says, “I was thinking that if I could make electricity in any other way other than the sunlight, then how would it be?”

Manasa decided to work on the air pressure with the piezoelectric effect. By using special things through it, trying to convert sunlight, wind and rain drops into electricity and then convert electricity into mechanical vibration.

Their device works with any kind of pressure and they have also used the solar panel to increase their capacity.

Now Manasa Mandu wants people to use their inventions for their daily work and they are looking for partners to move forward in this work.

She says, “When I first made a harvest, then less energy was being produced. At that time I was unhappy and could easily give up. But I wanted to make something that people can use in real life. We have to face difficulties many times. If we do not trust ourselves then sometimes others will get us over. But whatever you think, you should work on them because you do not know how much your thoughts can change. “

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