Football World Cup: Charismatic Croatia first Time in final, England’s dream broken

_102487364_975c476c-b624-47db-b788-2bc4a1f36a92.jpgThe FIFA World Cup in Russia was started from 32 countries and the fight for the last two warriors has been decided.

The final of this World Cup will be played on Sunday between France and Croatia.

In the second semifinal held for extra time, Croatia reached the final by defeating England 2-1.
England scored the first goal
However, England took the lead five minutes after the start of the match. Kiaren Tripier put a brilliant free kick on the goal post directly. By the first half, Croatia could not score any goals and England kept upbeat.

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Exciting game till extra time

Croatian team celebrates after goal
But in the second half, Croatia returned. In the 68th minute, Ivan Perritsets, on behalf of Croatia, delivered the pass from Simon Vrasaljko to the goal post.

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Both teams could not score any goals until the match was fixed and the match was delayed for extra time.

In the 108th minute, Mario Mandzukit lost his chance to the header and gave Croatia a winning edge. England’s eccentive goalkeeper Jordan Pickford could not even stop this ball from going into the goal post.
Based on the figures, the Croatian team proved to be twenty by England team. During the match, for 55 percent of the time, the ball remained in Croatian players. The Croatian team hit seven goals for the goal post, while England could do just two times.

The Croatian team got eight and the England team got four corners.

Croatia, with a population of 40 million, will play the finals for the first time in the FIFA World Cup. England’s dream of reaching the finals after 52 years remained incomplete

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