Football: How much do you know about second finalist Croatia

_102478421_mediaitem102478419.jpgWhen the Football World Cup began, people were shouting slogans of Brazil, Argentina, Portugal and Germany, but in a few days it became clear that the game is no longer behind anyone in terms of giving a surprise.

If you choose a hero, you will make a name in the World Cup that will play like a team. Old heroes got out and the new heroes shine.

In the World Cup title match, France has made it clear that it is not a child’s game to take the cup from under his nose.

But history has been created by Croatia, who knocked England in the second semi-final. This small European country’s football team will now face France in the World Cup final.

Where is Croatia?

Not every settler in this country with just a population of 40 lakhs can easily believe this success of his team. Croatia itself can not even answer that five of the six played so far since independence have been successful in making the place in the World Cup and reaching the semifinals in 1998.

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According to The Sun, football experts say that the former Yugoslavia Academy system is amazing that in such a short time Croatia has earned so much name in the game.

He won the world Under-20 Championship in Chile in 1987, and he had a bang in the world, but it took seven years after playing his first match as an independent country.

Yugoslavia Kovo Round
Brazil defeated Croatia 3-1 in the 2014 World Cup
After defeating strong teams like Chile, Brazil and West Germany, it was said that Yugoslavia is perhaps the most amazing young team, but this could not be proven.

Four years later, the Balkan war broke out in 1991, which gave away many hopes. Seven years later, in the World Cup played in France in 1998, players wearing red-white check jerseys told the world how big Croatia’s dreams are.

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Just three years after the end of the bloody war, this happiness proved to be a milestone in the direction of Croatia to get out of the shadow.

The mention of the Dinamo Zagreb Academy is important because he has given players such as Luca Modrici, Diazan Lovren, Sime Heraslazko, Mario Mandzuchik and Matteo Kovaschich.

But Croatia, who earned the name from this game, has also made a lot of struggle with his part.

History of Croatia

It is also the right time to know about Croatia on the pretext of football. These countries are located in the middle of Middle and South-Eastern Europe and are close to the Adriatic Sea.

The capital of Croatia is Zagreb, and approximately 56 thousand square kilometers are mostly Roman Catholic in this country.

The Croatian settled here in the sixth century and Tomislav became the first king of them. In the year 1102 he was with Hungary and in 1527 the Croatian parliament considered Ferdinand of Habsburg as his king in front of the spread of the Ottoman Empire.

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At the beginning of the 19th century, pieces of this country were made in the French Illiary Province while Austria-Hungary captured Bosnia-Herzegovina.

These disputes were resolved in the 1878 Treaty of Berlin.

Possession of the Nazis

In the year 1918, when the Croatian Parliament (Sabor) declared independence and decided to join the ‘State of Slovene, Croats and Serbs’.

In April 1941, when polar forces led by Nazi Germany captured Yugoslavia, the majority of Croatia moved into the Nazi-backed Client State.

After this the protest started, with the result being the Federal State of Croatia. After this, the socialist became the founding member and federal component of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.

Between 1918 and 1991, Croatia was a part of Yugoslavia, and in 1991 the war in Croatia started after the war in Slovenia.

But Croatia has paid a huge price for the first collapse of Soviet Russia and then Yugoslavia and due to that reason.

Difficulties only

Between increasing stress, Croatia announced independence on June 25, 1991. However, this declaration was fully implemented on October 8, 1991.

Meanwhile, the situation was worsening because Yugoslav Public Army and Serb Paramilitary Groups attacked Croatia.

In the end of 1991, the situation was such that Croatia had only one third of its land occupied. People of Croatian descent were targeted. Millions were killed and left homeless.

In January 1992, Croatia received recognition from the European Economic Community and after that the United Nations recognized it. When the war ended in August 1995, it became clear that victory has taken place in Croatia.

Simultaneously, two million Serbian were deported from the hilly areas and that place came in to settle the Croatian refugees coming from Bosnia Herzegovina.

And then the round of recovery

The rest of the occupied area met Croatia after an agreement in November 1995. But after the war, Croatia’s problems did not end because he was going to take a lot of time to stand on his feet again.

After the year 2000, Croatia came in the form of some strong democracy, economic development and structural social reform. Also, problems like unemployment, corruption and administrative chaos

But he has also decided a long trip. He is a member of the European Union, the United Nations, the European Council, Neto, the WTO.

Due to being an active member of the UN Peace Keeping Force, he has been sending his troops to many Nato-led missions.

Talk about Croatia’s economy, it is based on service, industry and agriculture. Tourism is also a big source of earning. It is listed in the top 20 tourist destinations of the world.

Between development and conflict, Croatia has been using soccer as an ointment for every new and old woes among the difficulties.

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