Film on rekha’s step mother is making stir

_102444309_17098245_1818643798396795_4364693463857572202_n.jpgSavitri is one of the most popular actresses in South India. People are not only convinced of their performances, but they also consider them different from other actresses of Tamil and Telugu movies.

In the last few years of the 40s, when he stepped into the film industry, he was told that he does not have an acting.

But with the knock of 50s, he became the best actor in the industry and his magic continues to cinema lovers, especially Tamil and Telugu movies.

It was his magic that when the film ‘Mahanati’ was released on his life, he also came to see the film, who had never stepped into the cinemas.
Filming was not easy
In particular, there was a crowd of people who were young after seeing Savitri. The wheel chair outside the cinemas was glowing on the faces of the elderly. This was the magic of Savitri who had brought him into theater.

But it was not easy to take his life on the screen.

Director Navin Ashwin gave Savitri’s stubborn nature and strange personality in the movie equally. He showed that he used to do what he used to do.

The Telugu viewers also believe that there can not be any other actress in front of Savitri.
Savitri’s first meeting with her ‘Pyaar’

In the film, Savitri’s life has been tried through a journalist, who sees the ups and downs of his life.

Savitri grew up in the care of her grandfather after losing her father in childhood. It is surprising that without any training he used to dance well and came to Madras to work in the film.

At the age of 14, she reached the Gemini Studios of Madras for the first time. There he was photographed by Gemini Ganesan.

After quite a while, due to his photographs he was invited to work in the film. In haste they lost that opportunity. The director had said, “They are not fit for the film.”

Savitri had a habit that used to take things like a challenge and after that he used to do acts that would force his critics to think.
Uday as the star and sacrifice for ‘love’
The coins of Vijaya Films ran in those days. Anyone who used to work in his films was considered to be a star. Savitri started to rule the film under the banner.

He got his first lead role in Devdas. In this he played the role of Parvati. From this, he got a side roll in the first two films.

This film has made tremendous success. Devdas was made in many languages ​​in India but rarely got success like Telugu.

Savitri made this movie an indelible place in the hearts of the people.

Meanwhile, the close proximity between him and Gemini Ganesan grew. Ganesan was already married, but he wanted to marry him.

After a lot of hardships, he managed to do it. But how long have the curtain been kept under this rule?

As soon as Raj removed the curtain, he left his mother, uncle and aunt for his love Gemini Ganesan. It was his sacrifice for love.
Savitri at the peak of fame
After the marriage, he worked in the Maya market. This film has made four festivals in his fame.

Until now, he had made a place in the heart of the Telugu audience, not only in the mind. It was not easy to stop them in Telugu films anymore.

He got one after the other films He has filmed with big actors. Savitri’s performance was such that it was feared that male actors rolling up their upozogames did not dominate her acting in the film.

Savitri was at the peak of his career. His fees had increased. At the same time, Ganesha was a simple actor till then.

Savitri had two children. When he had a son, Ganesan started moving away from them. Savitri’s fame began to be jealous now.
Breakdown of relationships and Savitri’s disintegration
Savitri’s fame grew bigger than Ganesan’s performance. People started learning them as Savitri’s husband.

The distance between the two began to grow. The relationship gap became so wide that they separated from each other.

Savitri started living in trouble Drugs, loneliness and relationship breaks down.

He felt a loss in film production. Red tax of income tax In the end, he decided to donate much of his property.

He has auctioned up his jewels and clothes to help the needy. In the end, he went to coma, after which he died.

The Devdas, which got the fame from them, died in the yearning of love like that of Devdas.

In the ‘greatness’, Savitri’s role was played by Kriti Suresh. The film was preferred by the people of his time, but also the younger brothers too.

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