Deal of 900 crore for one football player


The FIFA World Cup 2018 is in its last phase and here is another big news in the football world.

After spending nine years with Spanish club Rial Madrid, now Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo will join the youths football club. With this, he has become one of the four most expensive players of football history.

Ronaldo, 33, will now be part of this Italian club after an agreement worth Rs 900 crore between the two clubs.

He said, “It is time to start a new phase in my life, so I asked the club to accept my transfer.”

Most expensive deal of players transfer
1. Nemar, Brazil
About 1822 crores

Paris to St Germain from Barcelona

2. Caillian Mbape, France
About 1512 crores

Paris Saint Germain from Monaco

3. Philip Cootinho, Brazil
About 1293 crores

Barcelona from Liverpool

Cristiano Ronaldo, Portugal
Real Madrid to Yuventres

About 900 crores
Football lovers will now be waiting for the match which will be between Christina Ronaldo’s former and current teams- that is, between Rial Madrid and Yuvventus. Both teams will clash on August 4 at the International Champions Cup tournament in the United States.

Ronaldo has written a farewell letter addressing Ryan Madrid fans. He has written that these few years with Rial Madrid are probably the happiest day of his life.

He wrote, “Rial Madrid has won the heart of mine and my family, in these nine years I played against many great players, all of them respected me.”

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