Why Adidas and Nike are unhappy with Messi and Ronaldo being out?

_102295258_948373e2-ff09-4176-b2fc-a1bc3d31d116.jpgThe loss of Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo out of the World Cup has not only hurt them, but some companies are also unhappy with their team’s defeat.

These two players are not just the Golden Ball winners, but they are among the highest earning players in the world. Not just games, sponsorships also have their way of earning.

In the world of football, Adidas and Nike are considered the rulers of sponsorship. Organizations like the FIFA World Cup give opportunities to strengthen their brand and increase earnings and they do not want to lose it at any cost.

Such events are a beneficial deal for them. Amir Somogy, a Brazilian marketing consultant, says, “The strategy of Adidas and Nike is that they connect themselves to teams and players who can win. They want their company to be associated with the winner’s team so much that Could benefit more. ”

Adidas Messi and his team sponsor Argentina. At the same time, Nike Ronaldo and his team sponsor Portugal. On their T-shirts, these companies have a logo and it is an illegal contract.
Adidas Promote Company
Team win-loss and company advantage
The better performance of the players and the victory of the team is related directly to the company’s earnings. In 2014, the benefit of the team’s good performance in the World Cup in Brazil reached the companies directly.

Adidas had sold 17,153 crores this year. At the same time, Nike had announced a 23 percent increase in its earnings during the Games.

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During the World Cup in Brazil, the competition between the two companies was a sponsorship. Adidas sponsored 12 teams out of 32 Nike and 10 teams.

However, one of the most profitable players in these games was picked by Germany. This company was the official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup.
Sponsorship Competition
Adidas sponsored teams, Argentina and Germany played the final match. This was the third time since 1998 when his sponsored team became the winner.

At the same time, Nike’s sponsored team Brazil was world champion in the year 2002.

In this year’s World Cup, Adidas has left Nike in the race to give sponsorship. Adidas 12 and Nike have sponsored 10 teams.
According to a study by an international organization associated with football, 132 of the top 200 players in this year’s FIFA World Cup are wearing Nike shoes. At the same time 59 Adidas shoes are playing in the field.

According to the institute, Nike has signed an agreement with Ronaldo for a lifetime of 6862 crores.

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How much does the company spend
Nike has signed an agreement with France Football Federation of about Rs 343 crores. This agreement has been done for jersey of players till 2026. The company has made a similar agreement with England and Brazil, although the amount of the deal is more than a few million more than France.

Adidas gives 397 million rupees per year to the German team. Spends approximately 322 pounds to Spain and 75 million rupees as sponsorship amount to Argentina.

The German team’s exit from the first round was not less than a bad news for Adidas. According to Germany’s PR Marketing, during the World Cup in 2002, the company had about 59 million T-shirts sold.

By 2014, the number was around 97 million. The average price of a T-shirt is about Rs 4.5 thousand. This year, Messi and Ronaldo are out to be out of the tournament, like shock for the company, who can influence their sales and brand.

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