Which cancer has happened to Sonali Bendre?


A few days ago when Sonali Bendre stopped showing in the reality show ‘India’s Best Dramabaz’, no one thought that all this was due to her illness.

Actress Sonali Bendre is battling cancer. Sonali Bendre has given information on this at his Instagram account. Sonali wrote, “After the recent investigation I have come to know that I have hygrad metastatic cancer. I never expected it After the continuous pain, I conducted my tests after which the shocking report came out. ”

Sonali writes, “In this hour my family and my friends are with me and are giving me support in every possible way. I am thankful to them and I am feeling lucky for myself. ”
What is hygrad metastatic cancer after all?
Only after this Instagram post of Sonali Bendre, they all want to know what stage their cancer is on stage and how dangerous it is.

The same question we also asked the country’s well-known oncologist.

According to Doctor Sapna Nangia, head of the oncology department at Apollo Hospital in Delhi, “The exact facts about her cancer that she has shared on Instagram, it can not be ascertained exactly how dangerous her cancer is.”

Dr. Sapna Nangia further says, “To find out any cancer, it is very important to know where the primary tumor was found, it is not known about the cancer of Sonali Bendre.”

What happens after metastatic cancer? In response to this question, she says, “Every metastatic cancer is not fatal. Sometimes this type of cancer is possible. ”

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Is Breast Cancer Important For Chemotherapy?
Metastatic cancer means that cancer cells are not present in one place. From where the cancer has originated, it has spread to the other part of the body.

According to him, “many times only to know where the primary tumor is in cancer is not enough, for example, if breast cancer has metastatized, then it is not too easy to detect it. There are several types of breast cancer that are metastatics Be be liable and can not be killed many times. ”

Metastatic is the stage 4 in every cancer. But stage 4 in every cancer is dead, it is not necessary.

According to Ashutosh Tondre, a doctor of Mumbai’s Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital, “Do not take the meanings from the metastatic cancer that the cancer is in a stage, this means that the stage of cancer is in the stage, it shows that cancer Cells are spreading in the other part of the body. ”

But Sonali Bendre’s cancer is hygrad metastatic cancer. Therefore it is important to know what a hygrad is and what it means.

Dr. Sonali says that there are two meanings of hygred. First of all, the primary origin has changed and the type of tumor is the second, for example, the tumor is growing rapidly.
What is the treatment?
Sonali has written in her Instagram post that she is currently getting her treatment in New York.

What kind of treatment is possible when cancer is in stage 4?

According to Dr Ashutosh, “Well, cancer is the best treatment for cancer, even when the cancer is not spread in the other part of the body, but it is only effective in stage 1 and 2. In any particular situation, stage 3 Also, surgery is performed every time before surgery, the patient’s chemotherapy is also done. ”

Then what is the excuse for stage 4?
Dr. Ashutosh says, “Stage 4 cancer can not be done in cancer, therefore only chemo is being taken, besides target therapy can also be effective in certain types of cancer through tablets and injections. Goes into the blood so that the cancer cell can not reach the other part of the body.

Radiation is also used in many types of metastatic cancer. This type of treatment is beneficial in treating bones of cancer.

But after listening to the name of this cancer in everyone’s mind, the question is natural that how likely is it to survive?

In response to this question, Radiologist and Oncologist Dr Prasad Dhandekar of Reliance Memorial Hospital says, “In the same way every cancer treatment is different, in every way there is a danger of different types of cancer, depending on the stage of cancer. Lung cancer is the least likely to survive. ”
How much treatment is possible in India
After serious illness, very few celebrities make their treatment in India, whether the cricketer is Yuvraj Singh, or actor Irfan Khan. Often people go abroad and get treatment. Why so? Is not this technology available in India?

In response to this question, Doctor Prasad says, “There are all kinds of techniques available to treat all types of cancer in hospitals in India, but often there is a need for treatment in this kind of cancer. Often this kind of problem arises with celebrity, many times in cancer treatment, the hair goes down, the vomiting occurs, the face becomes absolutely dull – Celebrity do not photographed photos during that time. In India, such photos are often prone to leaks. In the hospitals abroad, special care is given to the patient’s privacy laws.

According to Dr Ashutosh, “It is possible to treat it in India, if there is any deficiency due to some specific reason, then we treat doctors and medicines by taking out the treatment, but where to treat the disease, in many cases it would be a personal decision. is.”

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