Till what time TV will stay in the changing world of entertainment?



In a small kitchen of your house, a girl is talking to someone on the phone. As soon as the sound of the camera, light and action resonates, it becomes distorted to give it with full attention.

These scenes come from a new web series, which is going to launch a viral feature called ‘The Viral Fever’, which is a visual content from Mumbai, that is launching soon on its YouTube channel, which has 38 million people subscribing.

Its viewers are also young and programmers for them are as young as them. This is Digital India. This is the world of youth breed of India, where TV out and digital platform are these.
Sameer Saxena
Mumbai’s graphic designer Vijay Pisal and his wife Vaishali Pisal are a cool couple. There is no DTH connection in their house. They look at the news and their favorite programs on their mobile phone’s screen on digital platforms.

Entertainment on mobile
Vijay says, “We mostly look at programs on YouTube, there is a lot of information on it, there are programs for children’s entertainment, we show our children a selected program on mobile only, and if the whole family would have to see something Then the computer is watching on the screen. ”
Vijay and Vaishali Pisal see all the programs on mobile instead of TV
The Pisal family is part of a trend that is in the Indian media, which is like a danger bell for TV broadcasts, cable and satellite (DTH) operators. These trends are rapidly changing in a revolution.

In the past year, millions of viewers have adopted the digital streaming platform by closing the TV connection. The younger generation who spent most of the time on mobile phones and social media is ahead of all in this digital revolution.

Excitement wish
AIB and TVF are quite ahead of the content companies which are winding up on this small screen. Sameer Saxena is one of the TVF founders. Saxena says, “There are different ways to tell a story, one is the big screen which is the big screen, our TV, now it is a medium where you can see all the things on your mobile, your It is a new round. ”

Sameer Saxena is the big boss of his office, but does not feel like this. They are quite informal. People of new mood, new kind of content TVF’s Permanent Roommates Series Program proved to be quite popular among young people.

Similarly, Hotstar showed the comedy “On Air AIB” from AIB which people liked so much. Sameer says that when we make love stories, we keep real, do not show up like a TV. Young people can relate to our stories. ”

How different is this world
According to Sameer, 200 people work in this two-floor office, 45 script writers. The atmosphere is friendly and informal. They have a good estimate that they are part of the digital revolution.

Meetings of Ideas are in a room at the office. The next web series is being shot in the second room. Somebody is sitting in the meeting by climbing both feet on the table, wearing a shorts and t-shirt and meeting the strategy. There is no tie and no suit, Sameer also has casual dresses in the office. This office is very different from the corporate world but is not lagging behind in making money.

Says Sameer on how his media company earns money, “Look, we are one of India’s largest audience bands. Now the companies are leaving television and looking at digital platforms for marketing because they know that in this medium a lot There are more people, then it is obvious that they come to us and say that create something for us and there is cooperation in this way. ”

Sameer’s company only makes content But in the last few years, in the last few years, twenty dozen digital video streaming platforms have come in the digital market in the country, in which Star Group’s ‘Hotstar’ is ahead of all its competitors.

Some successful platforms include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sony Live and Voot. With some subscriptions, some subscriptions and some are running free of charge, free people are expected to earn in the future.

In every corner of the country, you will find common people watching video content on mobile, they mostly see their favorite programs through Reliance’s Geo TV app. This is the most popular platform among common people.

How is the changing market
After all, how did this revolution come? Experts say that the main reasons for this are many, mobile data is becoming cheaper, the number of smartphones increased (there are smartphones near one-third of the country’s population), not online government censor board, TV entertainment and news People get bored from the program, the availability of the best films and documentaries around the world, and 60 percent of the country’s youth spend most of the time on mobile phones. Jharna.

There is another reason for the digital platform to move forward. Ashok Mansukhani is considered to be a pillar of cable TV industry and these days he is the head of “In Cable” of Hinduja Group. They say TV people have ignored the younger generation. “Most people want excitement. We also give 800 chanel to customers and also Variety, but we are looking at a section of channels – 25 to 35 year olds.”

Digital platforms are giving this class their favorite programs.
Ashok Mansukhani is considered a pillar of cable TV industry
The market leader ‘Hotstar’ has taken the young generation in their possession by giving live coverage of IPL and European football. It attracts 15 million visitors every month on its platform. If there is a cricket season then this number is multiplied by covering the IPL match live.

Crores investment
Its CEO Ajit Mohan says that the secret of the success of their platform is “We are different from the other platforms.” That’s how we brought everything on a platform, movies, sports, TV channels and news, despite this, a viewer It seems that these programs have been created for that. ”

The modern office of the hotstars is not less developed than any US office. This viral is very different from Fever’s office. It is a luminous world of corporate where large decisions are taken for the development of digital media market and where millions of rupees are invested in an event.

Given the fast-moving progress of the digital platform, four big Bollywood directors and actors like Nawazuddin Siddiqui have joined it. Karan Johar, Zoya Akhtar, Anurag Kashyap and Dibakar Banerjee made the four-story Bombay Talkies a few years ago.

Big Star also included
Now they are once again co-producing a story called Lost Stories. But this time, not for Bollywood but for Netflix Digital platform. Recognizing the importance of the digital platform, Karan Johar said in an interview, “I’m a devotee of the film on the big screen, but today’s truth, digital platform can not be ignored.”

Keeping in view the increasing popularity of this platform, experts say that the days are not far when Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan and Hrithik Roshan are also joining this soon.
Concern for DTH and cable TVs and broadcasters should be the fact that the tilt of advertising companies is also growing rapidly towards the digital platform. Take a look at the earnings of the digital platform.

Last year, he earned about 115 billion dollars from commercials and about 4 billion rupees by subscription. In the year 2020, the earnings are expected to double.

The digital platform can not match TV yet, where its viewers are growing rapidly, and in the future, the number of users who use these platforms can increase significantly because smartphones are rapidly making penetration in every part of the country But internet facility is also getting easy and affordable.

How big is the market
According to media industry reports, by the end of 2018, the Indian media industry will be worth more than Rs 1.5 trillion ($ 24 billion) in which the TV will still be the largest player with Rs 734 billion, but the five-year-old digital media of Rs 151 billion It will be done.

If it adds animation and online gaming to it, then there will be an increase of 120 billion rupees. If you take a look at the projection of the year 2020, the growth rate of the digital media will be 25 percent, whereas the TV will grow at a rate of around 10 percent.

The interesting thing is that those with digital platforms and digital content say that the game has just begun. Sameer Saxena says, “Right now, it has started in India, now it is the Beginnings of this thing. There are still plenty of things to be done.”

Will TV live or not?
Considering the successful completion of digital platforms, cable and DTH companies are preparing to compete with them or have decided to join hands or are considering it.

One of the biggest DTH companies, Tata-Sky CEO Hirat Nagpal says that the development of both of them in the media market like India is possible, if both hands join.

Tata Sky has joined hands, as Nagpal said, “Soon you will be able to get many more digital platforms like ‘Netflix’ and ‘Hotstar’ in addition to live TV channels on our platform. You can also watch them on the TV screen We will give you a new set of smart settop boxes so that you will be able to watch TV and also a digital platform. ”
Tata Sky Chief Executive Officer Hirat Nagpal
80 crore people of the country watch TV, which means that 50 crore people do not even have a TV, that is, there is still room for the spread of TV.

On the other hand 500 million people are connected to the Internet in the country and 34 million people have smart phones. That is, there is a lot of scope for the development of the digital platform.

On the other hand, TV companies have started making smart TV sets. By placing a pen drive in it you can see digital video programs on the Internet on any digital platform website.

Who will grow more in the next five years? Ajit Mohan of Hotstar, says, “In the next five years we will see many winners”, it means that both television and digital media will go forward.

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