Opinion: An important step towards send Indians in space

_102392794_21e7d4eb-37fa-4b13-90f6-dbd4ee1fe8df.jpgThe Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has had a great success in the direction of its human mission. Indeed, ISRO has successfully tested the Crew Escape System, which is a big step towards the safety of astronauts.

The crew escape system will help the astronauts get out of space in the event of a space campaign being stopped. Prior to this, only three countries – USA, Russia and China – have such facilities.

After a countdown on Thursday, the 12.6 tonne Wzy Crew Scape system with the Dummy Crew module from Satish Dhawan Space Center of Sriharikota was tested at 7.00 in the morning. This test was successfully completed in 259 seconds.

During this, the Crew Escape system with the crew module flew upwards and then landed with the help of parachute in the Bay of Bengal, 2.9 km away from Sriharikota.

How big is this test of ISRO? What achievement has been achieved by the Indian Space Program, and why is it being called the big success in the direction of the human mission?

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India wants to send an Indian to space through its earth and its rocket.

ISRO has successfully tested the Crew module’s escape system, which is a big step because without its successful test, the Indian astronaut can not be sent.

This test is a big step in sending your traveler to space.

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What is the Crew Escape System?

When the rocket is released from the launch pad while sending an astronaut to space, the crew has the highest risk.

If there is a fire or rocket fire or some other disturbances during the launch pad, then how can you save the astronauts at that time, there is a test for which India has passed the first time.

Human space flight (travel to human space) is not completely clear from the government, and this program has now grown towards micro-technology development.

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ISRO doing several tests
Earlier in 2007, when the Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV) Mark-3 was tested in Satellite Reentry Test, 2014, India had tested a dummy crew module. Along with that, there has also been a test of the space suit for astronauts.

There are so many tests running together. ISRO is taking small steps to develop micro-technology. He is preparing to send the Indians to the space so that when the government gets the green signal to send the astronauts, then they can do it easily and quickly.

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Low Earth orbit will be the first test
When India first invites its astronauts, they will be sent to the Earth’s low distance orbit so that they can be successfully brought back.

These are not like satellites where there are robotic missions. To bring the astronauts sent back here safely in every condition, the strength of the technology and its quality is very high. India is still moving towards it.

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Human Space Flight
So far there are only three countries that make up “Human Space Flight”. Russia, USA and China In these three spaces, there are self-reliant in sending and returning astronauts.

If India managed to send travelers in space, then it would become the fourth country to do so.

In the field of space, ISRO is continuously making a very important jump and the test of “Crew Module Skeptic System” was very important for “Human Space Flight”.

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