Now what’s the way near Nawaz Sharif?

_102408345_def7def2-a244-4bb3-8d00-234963c3a503.jpgNow it seems Munir Niazi has written star ‘I’m always late for doing all the work’ wrote for Nawaz Sharif .

The court walks with the speed of the turtle and the politician bursts like a pirate. If the Kharoshi does not have much confidence, he can win the race. But if this is true, then who will read the story of the race and race of turtle and Khargosh?

Incorrectly the wrong decision can be waived but there is no way to get the wrong decision at the right time.

Comedy and the whole game of the game is of timing. A single non-essential lover pushes Latif to the elves and one-day lethargy leader for years.

The only relation with the sluggishness of the state is that the wheel of railways is rigid.

Mian Sahib got the first golden opportunity as Panama’s public was public. If, instead of claiming to be an absconder in the House of Parliament and not having a relationship with Panama, Mian Sahib said in the same speech that after the third time I was elected, the people’s confidence was that there was a scattering on me So I have no right to be in that position. I will come again but at that time, I will prove myself innocent. With those few accusations, shares of Mian Sahib could tear down the roof of the political stock exchange, but this could not happen and their partners would continue to blink in the ears that Mian Saheb kept quiet.

The second opportunity came when the Supreme Court refused to consider the Panama case worth hearing and gave leaders the opportunity to wash their clothes in the parliament instead of washing on the stairs of the Supreme Court.

Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif gets ten years, Miriam Nawaz sentenced to seven years

Nawaz Sharif also removed from the party presidency

How much advantage did Imran have to remove from Nawaz?
Nawaz Sharif’s wife Kulosum Begum is in hospital due to critical illness
At that time the opposition parties were also convinced that a parliamentary committee could reach a conclusion by investigating this matter, but Mian Sahib declared an unilateral inquiry commission which the opposition rejected and the formula of the opposition was made by Mian Sahib and his colleagues Rejected. Then the threat of Emran Khan’s lock-down forced the Supreme Court to hear the case.

But instead of limiting the matter to a hearing in the case of technical and legal methods, a parallel court was placed on the stairs of the Supreme Court and the anti-court and anti-state groups emerged and emerged victorious in the media Spread like a swamp.

Then in the same quagmire disputes, slanders and courtesy of the bushes began to grow.

Mian Saheb also said that he does not believe in GIT and has been present in front of him. Even the court did not accept the decision and accepted it due to the ousting of power.

Said that there is no trust in the anti-corruption court and in front of it hundreds of times have been present and in the rallies, why should I have asked the people in the court?
Nawaz Sharif’s daughter Maryam Nawaz Sharif and son-in-law Captain Safdar have also been convicted
Of course, Mian Sahab is not just a political person but a husband and a father but the state’s exam is also how he plays his personal affairs and relationships, and keeping his eyes open for political timing to be used at the time.

Everyone knows that due to the mental condition of Begum, Mian Saheb is undergoing mental discomfort, but being a head and head of the family, he is also the leader of his party and he has millions of supporters of that party. It is only a two-and-a-half-week time for voting. What should a decided politician decide in such a way?

If the condition of Begum Sahib did not go well then he would remain on the ventilator. What can Mian Sahab help by sitting in his head? But clearly it is not that the elections are on the ventilator. Mia Saheb also knew that the court is not ready to give any kind of relief to him.

What should Mian Saheb do? When you are in politics for thirty-five years, who should know more than you that timing is everything in this business. Even after seven days, if you come, it will be the same thing that was going to happen today, but after seven days it will be only a week for the electoral campaign and in the state, the late British Prime Minister Harold Wilson is a very long time for a week. So long that often spreads over time.

Opening lumps of teeth with hands is only important. It can not be so, then you take another sleep

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