Journey from ticket collector to becoming trophy collector

_102419563_hi031495085.jpgMahendra Singh Dhoni has become 37 years old but what he has done in his 15 years of international career, hardly anyone else had done this before.

In the cricket world that Dhoni has earned, he has hardly succeeded in any other player or captain. Today sports lovers and celebrities have a big day for their loved ones and their fans in the entire country are celebrating fiercely today. On social media, there is a lot of applause for them since morning.

Not only that, the second T20 International match between India and England last night was their 500th match. Dhoni is the third such Indian player after Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid to reach the peak.

Even with Dhoni, even after Dhoni

Dhoni is a captain, then comes success with a shock

Dhoni captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the king of the crease
Mahi’s Lucky 7 number
Dhoni has had an unbreakable relationship with the life of this seven and Dhoni has openly spoken his relationship to the whole world with seven points. Dhoni says that when he first went to Kenya with the Indian team, he was looking for a Jersey number for himself. At that time seven numbers were empty and he got them.

Dhoni got a relationship with this issue. However, it is a coincidence that he was born on the seventh day of the seventh month of the year.

Not only their number of jerseys, but the number seven will be seen on your every bike and all cars.

Not only that, he is also a perfume named ‘Seven’ and a brand ambassador of the DO. Apart from this Mahi has opened a chain of gym in country and abroad in the name of ‘Fitsevan’.
ICC captures three trophies
Dhoni is the first captain to have captured the ICC’s three biggest events. Who can forget the 2007 T-20 World Cup? Dhoni, who was captaincy for the first time, not only brought the team to the summit with his batting but presented such a captaincy captain whose example is still taught in the course of the big management school.

With the belief in the final against Pakistan, he caught Joginder Sharma on the last over. Joginder converted the trust of the same captain into victory and became a night star.

It was only Dhoni’s first trail of captaincy, after that he made many such wonders, it would not be easy to forget for the people.

The complete script for winning the 2011 World Cup is MS. Dhoni has written it as if he was himself. The victory of the finals will hardly be forgotten, when the captain promoted himself and got off to the field to bat before Yuvraj Singh in the batting order and the pavilion returned only after winning the team.

Dhoni won the team 28 years after his captaincy and the six that Dhoni won in the final would hardly forget about this birth.

Sunil Gavaskar had said about this sixes, when my last breath was going on and one thing I would like to see is that Dhoni’s match in the final will be six.

Not only that, the ICC’s third trophy is the Champions Trophy, also called the Mini World Cup. On that too, in 2013, his team created history by winning He is the first captain of the ICC to win all three trophies. This record will rarely equal.

In Test cricket, Dhoni also gave the team number one spot in his captaincy.

Dhoni showed that even today he is the boss!

Virat Kohli and Dhoni

Why are Dhoni so praised Virat Kohli?
Interesting story of becoming a captain
There is a tremendous story behind Dhoni’s captaincy. Initially, the BCCI was not giving much importance to the T20. Even the first T-20 World Cup to be held in 2007 was not even ready to be sent to the team.

After the ICC’s pressures, the BCCI was willing to send the team with difficulty. Big names like Rahul Dravid, Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly had crossed the T20 World Cup.

By law, India had sent its ‘B’ team to South Africa and gave captaincy to Dhoni in the hands of

But Dhoni had a complete understanding of this format. Not only did he give the trophy to the team with his best captaincy but also contributed 154 runs by playing 120 balls with his bat.
A great player and team player
Dhoni has always been a team player and thinks only for the team. This is the reason that despite being the captain, he kept batting at number six and seven only. In spite of this, his average is close to 51 in ODIs, while in T-20 format he has also scored averaging 36 runs. He also has an average of 38 in the test.

Dhoni is the Indian player to make the most sixes in ODI cricket. He has so far scored 217 sixes.

Something different
Dhoni started his career with the ticket collector and later became a trophy collector for India. Very humble man by nature. In the recent past, he was not part of the playing eleven in the second T20 match against Ireland.

But see the greatness of this player. Drinking drinks in the middle ground with drinks. How many times have you seen such an event in the world of cricket.

When Dhoni came to receive his Padma Bhushan award, everyone was surprised because Dhoni walked in the dresser’s dress, but did not wear the uniform of the army officer.

Lieutenant Colonel Dhoni also paid full respect to the uniform and drilled the whole rig, and reached the President. Salute them first and then respect them.

Dhoni said that the Padma Bhushan award is a matter of great honor and taking it into the uniform of the army, it increases the happiness and respect ten times.
Dhoni is awesome
Dhoni is the master of the Overs and he has mastered it. In his captaincy, India has won 151 wins. Technically, he is not a very good batsman, but whenever he needs the team, he used the bat correctly.

His captaincy changed the whole picture of modern cricket, where people used to show their captaincy skills aggressively. Capt. Cool Mahi reached the summit with his humility and coolness. His whole world of this sense is convincing.

Dhoni’s men wearing Padma Bhushan in uniform

Team India running on the gestures of Dhoni?

So Dhoni’s seat is up to the World Cup!
Hardly anyone would have seen Dhoni roaming or raining on another player. Even the players from other countries of the world could have rarely ever fought.

He believes in giving cricket the answer to cricket and that makes him great. We want that the star of cricket always shines and keeps winning the team.

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