I want to do a role which dreams for others: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

_102400275_c93855fc-a5cc-48cc-9a33-d51addfbe677.jpgThe web series “Sacred Games” is being started on Netflix from July 6 to eight episodes. In this, Bollywood actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui plays a key role.

Apart from Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan and Radhika Apte are also in ‘Sacred Games’. It has been directed by Vikramaditya Motwani and Anurag Kashyap.

Had a special dialogue with Nawazuddin Siddiqui and talked about his upcoming role in the online platform for his upcoming film ‘Manto’ and ‘Thackeray’ in Bollywood.
Read what Nawazuddin said …
Your image is of big actor actor. What did you think of this web series?

Many big names in the West have worked in the series of Netflix. They have their own criteria.

These series are sometimes better than the film because they contain content.

The second reason is Anurag Kashyap and his content. It is very different and special. This Vikram is based on Chandra’s novel.

Nawazuddin of UP, Bal Thackeray of Maharashtra
Nawazuddin is happy to be the son’s ‘Kanha’
‘Nawazuddin was taken out of Ramlila’

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The trend of web series is going on very well. What freedom do you get here as an actor? What benefits do you get?

Movies that are two and a half hours, do not get a chance to show the character with a tafsil, just by touching some of the aspects we come back.

In ‘Sacred Games’ an attempt has been made to touch all aspects of every role.

I am in the role of Ganpati Gaitonde as gangster. He has many complications, habits, expressions and many other features. During the eight episodes he got the perfect opportunity to touch.

Your movies are coming on Manto and Bal Thackeray. In politics, they are doing controversial characters, who are discussing a lot. Have any hesitation in doing this?

off course not. With the simplicity, faith and integrity that I did, Thackeray also did the same.

I am an actor. I like to do all kinds of characters Whether it is the character of Manto, Thackeray or Gaitonde.

Tiger seems to fear from Nawazuddin!
Why did Nawaz say that the change in 12 years will be fulfilled?
‘I made DNA test, 16.66% Hindu …’

Biopics are considered critics in Hollywood, that is, every aspect of them is reconstructed, while they are appreciated here. You have worked in Manto and Thackeray Is it true that the character of India is praised in biopic?

No, we have shown the facts only in Thackeray or Manto.

You have broken the stereotype things. You do not come from a movie background. You had no maternal grandfather. But you have made a different place. It is said that there is lot of brother-niece in the Hindi film industry. is it true?

Your work only gives you further work. Initially you get small jobs. Since you have thought that you have to become an actor, director or something. This is your choice.

If someone is pressing you, then you do not have to do this. It was my wishful profession. Whatever problems came, she had to bear only me. I do not have any complaints with this.

It is easy to get the first movie for Bhai-nepotism, but they have to do hard work ahead. They do. Any of today’s actors and stars work hard.

What is the dreamroll for you?

I have never imagined that. I want to do a roll that dreams for others

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