Children’s first message from Thailand’s cave: “Do not worry, we are brave”

_102421802_36599950_1631068107016582_8381935227139784704_n.jpgFor the past two weeks, 12 children stranded in a cave in northern Thailand have sent some written messages for their family for the first time.

Some children have written, “You guys do not worry … we are all brave.” So some children have invited their food in the cave.

On Saturday morning, a team of Thailand’s navy divers returned with a written message from the cave

Earlier, senior officials of the rescue team had told that the oxygen line has been laid in the cave so that the children do not have any problem in breathing.
Some children have written in their message that their chicken is ready to eat Fryi. A child wrote a message to his teacher, “Sir, vote so much homework”
All these children and their coaches went to see this cave after exercising on June 23 evening. But due to flood water all the caves got caught inside.

Nine days later, a group of defensives had expelled these children. According to the rescue team, the children trapped in the cave and their coaches had searched for a place within the cave so that they could not escape the flood water.

‘Please forgive me’
Apart from the children, his 25-year-old coach, Ikapol Chantawong, also sent a written message.
He has written, “I want to tell all the families that all the children are safe, the rescue team is taking care of us, I promise to all that I will do everything for the protection of children. Thank you for coming. ”

At the end of this message he has written, “I apologize to all the children of every child for what happened. Forgive me.”

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At present, the state of the cave
This group of children is trapped within 4 km from the mouth of the cave.

Whereas food, water, medicines and oxygen are being delivered to them.

But in the chamber where these children are sitting in, the flow of water is very high.

How dangerous it is, it can be estimated from the fact that on Friday a diver Saman Gunan died.
The people of Thailand have expressed condolences on the death of Saman Gunan. Messages have been written for them on social media too.
They were returning after delivering the necessary supplies in the cave. Saman Gunan was the former dancer of the Thai Navy.

He quit the job but returned to join the rescue operation.

The next big challenge
Thailand’s Meteorological Department has warned that heavy rains may occur on Sundays.

It is concerned about the rescue team that due to heavy rains the level of water in the cave can be increased.

Apart from this, where the children are trapped at this time, the level of oxygen should be at least 21 feet.

But in the meantime, the level of oxygen has decreased by 15 percent.

If the water flows in the cave or water level increases, the rescue team has to stop working. It has happened two times. But this is a challenging situation.

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