Will US president Trump and new President of Mexico walk along with?

_102308105_503fcda5-fc3b-41c8-adeb-5607be832031.jpgDonald Trump had just been the president of the United States for just 10 days when Andrés Menuel Lopez O’Brador announced to visit America for the “protection of the migrants”. This is January, 2017.

On this tour, he went to different cities of America and accused Trump that he was talking about the people of Mexico exactly like ‘Hitler used to talk about Jews’. Lopez has also accused Trump on running a hate campaign against the people of Mexico.

He later wrote a book called ‘He Trump’ on his travel experiences. When Lopez was doing all this, the current President of Mexico Enrique Pena Nieto was silent.

Peruvian writer and journalist Mario Vargas Leosa, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2010, had said that Trump has made the way for Lopez by insulting the people of Mexico.
After the victory of Lopez in the results of the presidential election on Sunday, two big questions are now on.
1. Are there really trumpes behind the victory of Lopez?

2. Will the two leaders face face-to-face?

The two leaders have confirmed the mutual conversation on Monday. They talked for about half an hour on the phone. During the conversation, he discussed the escalation and increased security.

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Before this, Mexico had congratulated the newly elected president, Lopez, by tweeting Donald Trump. In his tweets, he expressed his desire to work with them for the good future of the two countries.


Donald J. Trump

Congratulations to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on becoming the next President of Mexico I see him too There is much to be done in both the United States and Mexico!

8:31 AM – 2 જુલાઇ 2018
2.06 million
93.6 thousand people are talking about this

He said, “I congratulate Andreas Manuel Lopez Overrador for being the next President of Mexico, I am waiting to work with him. We have a lot to do now to benefit America and Mexico.”

‘Trump influenced Mexico election’

Luis Rubio, president of the Mexican Council of International Affairs believes that Trump’s influence on the Mexico election has been indirectly.

Rubio told the BBC, “Many Mexicans are frustrated with the insulting statements of Trump, they are also concerned that no Mexican leader is responding to Trump or is doing something that is going on to the general public. Understand. ”
In recent times, the plight of the two countries ranging from Mexico to the American border and the illegal migrants and their children. The Trump Administration had been criticized for separation of children from migrants and to keep the children in ‘Detention Center’.

The dispute had increased so much that Trump had to issue orders to not separate the children from the family.

‘Trump was not due’
Although Trump did not openly talk about Mexico’s election Some experts also dismiss the role of Trump in Mexico’s results.

George Vedia, director of an electoral firm, says, “The subject of the Mexico electoral campaign was not a trumpet and I do not even see the impact of it.”
He believes that all the candidates who came to the election campaign in Mexico had an affair with Lopez’s idea about the trump. Trump is disliked by the people of Mexico. There, eight out of every 10 voters have a negative opinion about the trump.

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Many also believe that there is a problem of public against issues such as corruption and violence behind Lopez’s victory. Lopez promised to work on these local issues.

Trump and Lopez: Similarities and differences
Both leaders pay greater attention to the country’s politics rather than relations with foreign countries.

Just like Trump, Lopez also promised to exclude ‘corrupt government’ from the United States. It is a matter of fact that America’s tilt ‘South’ and Mexico’s tilt is considered towards ‘Left’.
Some experts believe that Lopez and Trump will find it hard to understand each other because both of them are quite different from each other. At the same time, there are some political analysts who feel they will have good co-ordination.

George Guahardo, former US ambassador to the US, says, “I think that for some strange reasons, the two will find an effective way of working together.”

There is a significant bilateral agenda between the United States and Mexico, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) between the two countries and Canada.

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