Why Narendra Modi has not gone so far to Ayodhya?

_102304133_da94538a-81f9-4cf4-a504-cc7b0ece1265.jpg“Modi went from Banaras to Maghar, moving around the world, going to the temple, mosque and tomb, but Ayodhya does not know what is so stupid?”

A gentleman, in a sanyasis, who was reading the newspaper at the tea shop in Ayodhya, said this with great disappointment and complaining during the conversation.

We were returning to Lucknow by covering the prime minister’s rally from Maghre. On the way, drinking tea while staying in Ayodhya started drinking tea.

At the same time, they met and the talks started. When we wanted to know the name, he said, “There is no name of a sadhu, only that the punishment of the pen and the garuya are his identities.” The name was first, now we have no identity. ”

Well, what was their name and what is now, we did not even have much interest in it, so we did not urge to re-tell.

But, as a sadhu, he expressed his pain, some supporters of Ayodhya who were present at the shop were also supported.
Political identities of BJP
Dinesh Srivastava, who was making a BCcom from Saket College Faizabad, had come to visit Sarayu along with his friends.

Dinesh said, “Come here and tell you what? At the center spent four years in the government, one and a half years are also being formed in the state, there is a majority, there is no excuse, even then the excuse of the court for the construction of the temple Are making. ”

In fact, the political relationship between Ayodhya and Bharatiya Janata Party is emotionally linked.

It is not hidden from anyone, not only Uttar Pradesh but also the role of Ayodhya and Ram Mandir in the political recognition of Bharatiya Janata Party across the country.

Not only that, when the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) in 1991, when the government was formed under Kalyan Singh’s leadership for the first time, the entire Cabinet came to see Ramlala in Ayodhya immediately after taking oath.

Not only that, since last year in Uttar Pradesh, after the formation of a government under the leadership of Yogi Adityanath, all the announcements were made not only for the development of Ayodhya, but also a grand program and a festival for the festival of Deepawali was organized.

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Ayodhya love of the yogi
Chief Minister Yogi visits Ayodhya on his day.

For the first time, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who is the prime minister for the BJP’s absolute majority in the center for the first time, despite being spent more than four years as a Prime Minister, there is no doubt about the absence of Ayodhya.

BJP leaders tend to abstain from talking about this, but BJP MP from Ayodhya, Lallu Singh, avoids the question by simply calling it an idol.

Says Lallu Singh, “It is true that Modi did not come to Ayodhya after becoming Prime Minister, even during the election he had addressed the rally at Faizabad but there is no particular reason why he did not come here. They have not got the time, but they will definitely come. ”

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BJP MP from Ayodhya, Lallu Singh
‘First toilet, then temple’
Prime Minister’s time is busy, this can not be denied.

But, this question is then and it becomes present when the Prime Minister is the MP from Varanasi, visiting Varanasi repeatedly, visiting other cities also, Kabir’s Samadhi site will have gone to Maghar, but the time of arrival to Ayodhya Were removed.

At the same time, Ayodhya, which is considered to be ‘animal’ of BJP in political circles.

Indeed, Narendra Modi never came to Ayodhya once he became the Prime Minister nor did he travel to Ayodhya during the 2014 Lok Sabha elections.

Even once the election rally was proposed but later it was canceled due to some reasons. During the Lok Sabha elections, he had definitely gone to the rallies of Faizabad and Ambedkar Nagar.

Not only did he mention any of the Ayodhya or Ram Mandir anywhere in the dozen public meetings held during the Lok Sabha elections and during the assembly elections held last year.

During a Lok Sabha election, in a public meeting, he dismissed the Ram temple in a way by the priorities of the party that ‘first toilet, then temple’.

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Hope from the Supreme Court
Although, during this time, he had mentioned the Ram temple during the Gujarat assembly elections held recently.

In an election rally, he said why Congress leader Kapil Sibal is asking Ayodhya to the Supreme Court to avoid the trial of the Ram Temple case till the next election.

Senior journalist Yogesh Mishra in Lucknow says that Narendra Modi will definitely go to Ayodhya before the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

According to him, “Narendra Modi wants to go to Ayodhya as a winner. There is a complete hope that any decision of Ram’s birth land and the disputed structure will definitely come out from the Supreme Court.”

“If the Supreme Court decides on the basis of High Court judgment, then it will be in favor of Hindus, because the High Court has already handed over two-thirds of the land to the Hindu side.”

“If Narendra Modi goes to Ayodhya after such a decision comes, then it is obvious that even if a decision is on the court, credit will do its best to accept Modi.”
Proof of Hindu heart emperor
But this alleged neglect of Ayodhya will be discussed by the BJP leaders, RSS affiliates, among the faithful Hindus, who see BJP as a ‘Ram temple pro party’ in a way?

Yogesh Mishra says, “Narendra Modi has given certainty to the hardcore Hindus in Gujarat for their Hindu heart emperor.”

“This is the reason why despite discussions about Ayodhya not to mention itself and talk of making toilets before the temple, this class of Hindus has not been aggressive against them, they know that all these election meetings can be compelled but Modi Hindus are friendly, they do not see the scope of doubt in the present moment. ”

Yogesh Mishra says that even if Narendra Modi himself does not come to Ayodhya or discuss Ayodhya, it is not that he is not in his agenda.

According to Yogesh Mishra, “If all the BJP leaders who talk about Ayodhya or Ram temple in their aggressive style, do you think that it is being done without their silence?”
Election compulsions …
The experts also say that due to the Ram temple issue being in the Supreme Court, the Prime Minister deliberately does not discuss it so that there is no question on him.

Secondly, even after coming to national politics, he has been constantly trying to come out of his image which made him the Chief Minister of Gujarat.

That is, now they want to be in the image of ‘Development male’.

But according to senior journalist Sharad Pradhan, “Electoral compulsions force them to speak on issues such as burial grounds, temple-mosques, and they return to their old image.”

Whatever the reasons behind the prime minister’s absence Ayodhya, but to talk to some Hindu organizations, it seems that Modi’s ‘absurdity’ from Ayodhya does not surprise him, but rather a torment is also.
Ayodhya is waiting for Modi
Some people accuse the prime minister of trying to “improve the image” but they also seem to be defending some.

Sharad Sharma, a RSS spokesman living in Ayodhya, says, “Absolutely, Ayodhya is concerned about why Modi did not come Ayodhya.”

“Hardly you have reached 150 km away to Maghar, then Ayodhya should also come.” Ayodhya is waiting for you. ”

Sharad Sharma explains that twice the Prime Minister was invited on the birthday of Mahant Nritygopal Das, but despite this invitation, he did not show any interest in Ayodhya.

Whereas all the leaders come in the programs on their birthday. This time the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had also gone.

Not only that, many BJP leaders did not say anything openly about this, but they are not happy about it.
Janakpur from Ayodhya
Devesh Tiwari smiles, a hotel owner in Ayodhya, says, “Modi did not come to Ayodhya but started going to Ayodhya to start the bus service from Janakpur till he went to Nepal, he could show the green flag from here also. Goes. ”

Despite being a senior BJP leader coming to Maghpur, Ayodhya is not very reluctant to come and talk to him in the speech.

These senior leaders, who were from Eastern Uttar Pradesh, met in Magar.

On the condition of anonymity, he says, “Everyone talks about development, everyone, but who is not observing that caste, religion, sect, monastery, and mazaher are all politics.”

“Awakening to Maghar and Kabir, what is your belief that you do not believe in Lord Rama, or whose faith is against Lord Rama, do you not need to vote?”
Before the Lok Sabha election
Gradually, these senior leaders became more aggressive and started saying, “Modiji’s interest in Ayodhya and Ram temple was never seen before.”

“He has only seen him in the rath yatra of Advaniji, nor did he ever perform kar seva nor came here to be the Chief Minister of Gujarat.”

“The pain of the Ram temple can only be known by those who used to eat sticks, got shot, went to jail, wasted life, and despite this, he is seeing his Ram Lala lying in tents in his own party.”

However, people of Ayodhya still hope that Narendra Modi will come here while being the Prime Minister.

Experts say that they will come here before the Lok Sabha elections in 2019, but the most important question is whether it will be under their faith or the electoral compulsions.

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