Why is this single woman sharing leaflet to men in Pakistan?

_102306553_5de84f4b-4adc-4050-95ef-e6517e397d79.jpgThis is a strange sight in the town of Ushira Pass in Khyber Pakhtunkhwaan, where a woman is distributing prescriptions in men and women passing on the road. Sometimes she stops in a shop and tells the men present there that she is his sister and sister should get a vote.

The interesting thing is that all these men stop Hazarat, listen to them, keep their hands on their heads, and tell them that they will soon decide which party or candidate to vote in favor.

The uprising pass is a village of Din Tehsil in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan and the woman sharing the prescription is Hamida Shahid of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Party. There is the same terrain which has been in news due to not allowing women to vote.

During the by-election in February last year, women used their franchise for the first time in four decades.

Circulating form in a curtain area
Hamida Shahid started his election campaign here with a loud noise. He is contesting from the provincial assembly seat PK 10. She says that she wants to be an example for the other women. She says, “I thought that if a woman can vote, then she can fight.”

Ushiri Darra village is two hours away from the election office of Hamida Shahid. The road going here is extremely dismal, but there is a curved road to go to the population.

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He said, “There is no such thing as Infrastructure in this poor area of ​​Deira. There is no roads, hospitals, electricity, drinking water and drinking water up till now. In the last 60 years, whenever the elections were held, no one won it, but the population here was criticized in the name of religion, and after winning it no one would have been here. But I will bring the changes now. ”

Women in this area are strictly prohibited from the screen, Hamida Shahid visits home and goes to the first men and then settles down to the ladies of that house.

It seems to be an unimportant thing for women that a woman is fighting like men and she is also demanding votes from women. After meeting them, the glow in the eyes of women can not be ignored.

‘Women did not come to demand any votes before’
Around a dozen women gathered around Hameeda in a house, so I asked, ‘have any of you ever gone to school’? A girl named Sameera told that she could go to school till middle school and then she had to leave her studies due to lack of girls’ high school.

On the question asked about Hamida Shahid, she had said that it is a matter of fact outside of her that a woman can show such courage. Another woman in her said that she will definitely vote this time and whatever her family will vote for, she will decide for her own vote.

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“We have never come here before women to ask for any votes. It has come for the first time and have promised us that they will create a job opportunity for our men, create handcrafted schools, make high schools, fix the road, and we women Ladies’ doctors will bring you to the hospitals. And what do we need? ”

Hamida Shahid, agreeing with this point, says that earlier there was a reason why women did not vote for them, that no one had ever come to demand a vote.

“These women and their rights have often been ignored. The candidates and the local people used to decide outside the house that the state can only man and the votes will be cast as well. I understand that if there is no hesitation in winning a man by the votes of women, then in my opinion, if these women come out in support of a woman then it is better. ”

‘We have kept women in control’
He is the most important step in spreading awareness about the vote in the local people.

“In my opinion, till you will not convey any message to anyone and will not explain what the vote is, no one will know the significance of the vote. Now people have found the importance of votes, especially women, that of our votes The important thing is that we will choose which leader and who will vote for him to be better for our future. ”

Keep in mind that their area is considered as a stronghold of Jamaat-e-Islami and it will not be easy to win from here.

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According to the local people, only one woman voted in this area in the 2013 elections, while about one lakh forty thousand women were registered to vote. According to the Election Commission, in the elections to be held in July, more than one and a half lakh women are included in the voters registered here.

Hamida Shahid says that “Turnout of women will depend on the intentions and curtains of security on the day of polling. There is no crime in getting out for votes. There will be separate polling booths for women, where they will get security, curtains will be arranged. If the respect and dignity of those women is taken care of, then no one will have any objection. ”

In this village, I asked an elderly person named Bakht Khan, the head of a family, why he did not allow women to vote, laughing in Pashto language, “We do not refuse, we have given them such women We have spoken that the men and women of the Khandan give big votes to a party and small vote to the other party. ”

The big vote here means parliamentary seat and small vote means the vote of the assembly seat.

Hamida Shahid hopes that he will get success, but his decision will be on the day of voting.

Beyond the defeat, this is a turning point in the history of this region when it is represented here by the woman who was not even allowed to vote till a few years ago.

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