Who have discover Lost Children in Thailand’s Cave

_102306105_af0b5789-1459-438f-9fc5-23f051d499ab.jpg‘How many people are you?’

These are the words that 12 children stranded in a cave in Thailand and one of their coaches heard the first time after 9 days have elapsed. This question was asked by a British citizen John Volynthan from outside the cave.

In response, the voice came from within the cave … ‘Thirtin’

With this answer, it was confirmed that all children and their coaches stranded in the cave have been discovered and they are all alive.

The Thailand government called Britain’s three ‘Cave Expert’ Wollethon, Richard Stanston and Robert Charles Harper to help find children stranded in Tam Lung Cave from Thailand for 9 days at Chiang Rai of Thailand.

Three days after these children lost their cave, these three people had reached Thailand. Earlier thousands of people were engaged in this investigative campaign.
All the children standing with their coach
Who are the three defenders?
These three defendants are members of the British Cave Rescue Council (BCRC). This committee works in the islands of the UK. According to BCRC, these rescue workers have searched for many caves before this.

In one of his statements, BCRC said, “During the UK time, at 4.30 p.m. we got news that all 12 children and their coaches are in a dry place within the cave, where they are getting air to breathe.

“After a while we got a small message from our rescue workers that all the children and their coaches have been discovered and they are all alive.”

Volynthon and Stanton, two British nationals involved in this investigative campaign, were successful in saving the diver trapped in a cave in France in the year 2010. At that time both of these were members of South and Mid-Wales Cave Rescue team.

According to reports related to the rescue operation in 2010, Stanton is a firefighter and resident of Coventry area. He also saved 13 British nationals stranded in Mexico in 2004.
John Volynthon has been involved in many rescue practices even before the rescue operation
Awarded for adventure activities
Stanton has also been honored with the honor of the famous MBE (Member of British Empire) in the year 2012 for his adventure activities.

In an interview in the year 2007, he had told that when he was young, he had seen a program called ‘Underground Eiger’, which inspired him to become attracted towards diving. He later joined the Caving and Diving Club at the University.

Talking about the second British defendant Volynathan, according to an online profile, he has participated in several marathons.
British dancers, Robert Charles Harper is seen trying to find a way out in an open mouth of the mountain
Volanteren says in a joke that they run away so that more biscuits can eat.

Although Volynthane was an IT consultant in Bristol and he started working as a scout in the caves.

In an interview given to the Sunday Times in 2013, they say that it is very important to have cold mindedness in the caves to do rescue work.

He says, “On many occasions, we have to show up fast, but this does not work in cave-diving.”

Volunteering like solving an unsolved puzzle for anyone looking for someone in the cave ”
This picture of children surviving in the cave has been released by the Thai Navy.
In 2012, Wolenthane and Stanton were awarded the Royal for their best work in France.

In a shared video through Thailand’s Navy Seal, these two British citizens can be heard saying that ‘more people are also coming’.

A group in the investigative campaign is saying, “We are very happy”, in response to this, British citizens say, “We are also happy.”

In this video, a man is asking these people where you have come from,

The answer is, “England, UK”

In a cave filled with dark water, such a rescue operation
Children can stay closed in ‘cave for months’

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