When army of India-Pak united on Kulsum’s death

_102286651_918ce3d5-96bc-45d2-9129-9a4abc51f1d5.jpgThere are still many families in Jammu and Kashmir who are divided between India and Pakistan, and for them, meeting their family members is like going to another country.

The relations between India and Pakistan are currently tense and it seems that there will be tension on the border too. But there is also a second aspect of the picture.

70-year-old Kulusam Bibi lived with her family in Pakistan administered Kashmir. On June 25, he had come to attend a wedding in his brother’s family living in a sheep farm in Poonch, India-administered Kashmir.

Kulsum Bibi died after heart attack on June 30. Now the question was in front of his brother’s family about how to carry his dead body to his family in Pakistan.

After this, the Indian Army and local police on a humanitarian basis settled the entire paperwork in one day and presented a new example by handing over the body to his family in Pakistan on Sunday.
Early body found after administration helped
Usually, in such cases, it takes only two days or more to complete the paperwork.

Kulsum madam’s brother Mohammed Sadiq Hussain Khan, who lives in India-administered Kashmir, said, “The DGs here were from our village, so we gave them information about the death of their sister, they said that they are the security forces ie the army and We will report it to the local administration. He helped a lot because of which we had no problem. ”

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At the same time, the husband and kin of Kulsum Bibi, living in Pakistan-administered Kashmir, are satisfied that they did not have to wait for many days for the dead body.

Kulsum Bibi’s son Basit said, “There was a good response from both sides. It was our lucky that there was a good arrangement of the officers and the administration there.
In the meantime, son of Kulosum Bibi, Basit also brought attention to a difficult situation.

He said, “I have not called the phone directly from India-administered Kashmir, first the phone went to Saudi Arabia and from there I received a call and then I called directly on that side, the whole incident was detected. It is not cooperative. ”

Basit says that officials from both sides of India and Pakistan worked together and saved them from being more disturbed in this matter.

The matter taken by both sides seriously
Here, Riyaz Tantre, local police officer of Poonch sector of India-administered Kashmir, says that the role of local administration is important in such cases. He explains, “We have dealt with the entire matter in 10-11 hours in total. I did not expect that this case will be resolved so soon.”
“The local administration and security forces came into action and they took the matter seriously and contacted their respective offices and also contacted them on the other side. The matter was taken seriously on behalf of Pakistan and by the evening we would get news. After that, the body was handed over to his family on Sunday. ”

They say that there was a problem for them that the body would have to be kept in the mortuary and it might seem to be a matter of time, but it is a matter of happiness that the matter was settled soon.

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In Pakistan, Mirza Aurangzeb Jarral, the BBC’s ally, told about Pakistan’s reaction to the administration and the army in this incident. “My point here is with Ansar Yakub, District Commissioner Ravalakot, and he says that from the army present on Pakistan’s border He had contacted those who had contacted the Indian Army. ”

“After this, the Indian administration handed over the body of Kulsum Bibi to Pakistan administration in the presence of Indian Army. In such cases, we have to wait for at least two days but it is good in this case and the matter was settled soon.”
The thing that came out in this entire event is that whatever the circumstances of diplomatic relations between the two countries, people living on both sides of the border want peace in their life.

Mohammad Sadiq Hussain Khan, brother of Kulsum Bibi, says, “The people of both countries want peace.” Both the countries should have a dialogue and peace should be restored, with peace in both the countries. ”

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