What will be the punishment if rumors spread on WhatsApp

_102310142_9299e4d9-fb38-418a-960e-8f851fcc2f63.jpgOn Sunday, in the village of Rainepada in Dhule district of Maharashtra, the angry mob wounded five people of one community in the hope of being a ‘child thief’.

All these people had come from Solapur district to roam freely and some people had camped outside Dhule district just a few days back.

All of them passed through this area when the rumors of the child thief group’s arrival in Maharashtra were spreading.

In this matter of mass murder, local police administration has described the rumors related to the child thief group as a cause.

Maharashtra Police’s DGP Datta Prasasalgangar has appealed that the rumors spread on WhatsApp will not be convinced.

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Whatsapp connection to mass murders

There have been many cases in the past few months, the rumors spreading through WhatsApp and social media have become a reason for mass killings.
These include 8 murders, including five people in Dhule district and two youths in Assam, so far.

Actually, a video on Whatsapp is being viral in which two bike riders are being stolen.

Dhule Linching: When the police reached, two people were alive

On July 2, the police arrested two administrators of a WHATSAP group in Shamli in Uttar Pradesh. Simultaneously, the search for the content of the controversial message and the third adman of the group continues.

According to the news of the Indian Express, a case has been registered against these four people under Section 505 (1) and 295 of the IPC.

On the same lines, the Jammu and Kashmir Police registered a case against unknown people in the case of spreading false news of attack on the Amarnath pilgrims on social media.

Rumors on whatsapp
Instant messaging mobile app Whatsapps are used by people of all ages. These are different ideologies and communities.

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In such a case, the question arises that those who are talking on WhatsApp and those who have the messages may have to face legal action to carry out any rumors.

Apaar Gupta, a lawyer and advocate of cyber law, has told BBC Hindi that those using Whatatsapp should use it responsibly.

1 – Punishment for spreading rumors

Apaar Gupta explains, “It is not so in the case of spreading rumors on whatsapp that the first time a message has been sent, the legal action should be taken against that person, rather the person who goes ahead with such rumors, his name also goes to crime. May be. ”

But in such cases, ways to advance such messages can also be taken into account.

Gupta says, “Sometimes it happens that you make fun of such messages, commenting on them and opposing them. In such cases, the context should also be taken into consideration by the police. In this, who created the message And those who spread further, both can be criminals. ”

“Under Section 505 of the Indian Penal Code, if someone intentionally pursues such rumors that peace can be broken, then there can be legal action against that person.”
2- Action against the gossip

Whatsapp users can come under scrutiny if they have objectionable content.

Apaar Gupta says that if a person receives an emergency message, the police can seize the phone and ask to cooperatWhat to do if you get a rumor

Those who get all kinds of real-fake news on WattsAppe usually ignore them, but this is not appropriate.

Apaar Gupta says that those who received any controversial message should get the message as soon as they receive such message and reply to the message of the message.

He says that people receiving such messages can spam or report such messages on their phones.

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