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It was fine, but this time, a new fashion has already started before the general elections in Pakistan, that is, someone shouted slogans at Nawaz Sharif in a madrasa in Lahore, on the face of former Defense Minister Khwaja Asif of the Muslim League. Threw outrage in the case, some of them shot at former Home Minister Ahsan Iqbal Narowal in his city, the bullet hit him.

It was also yesterday that people of the Peoples Party, Bilawal Bhutto’s car was stoned to death by some people in Lirai area of ​​Karachi. Bilawal is contesting from this area. Prior to them, Lei Bilawal’s mother Benazir Bhutto and Nana Zulfikar Ali Bhutto have been the election areas and for the last fifty years they are considered as the stronghold of the People’s Party.

So stone stones on Bilawal’s car are like this, like Rahul Gandhi in Amethi or Narendra Modi’s car in Ahmedabad, stones will fall on the car.
Bilawal’s roadshow of Bhutto in Lehri
In the last general elections, the Taliban attacked the Awami National Party and the People’s Party candidates and expelled them from the election campaign. This time around, Nawaz Sharif is trying to encircle candidates or to change their loyalty or to keep them out of the electoral race.

Many candidates have accused common voters, including the assault and intimidation of the intelligence staff. In Punjab, many candidates have announced the return of tickets to the Muslim League Nawaz and to contest the elections in independent life.

At the same time, on almost all TV channels, what is the magic of magic that all the Nawaz Sharif is engaged in praising and condemning Imran Khan? Distributions and advertisements that are held in non-fair journalism, such as one-to-one paper paper, English paper ‘Don’ are being stopped.
Imran Khan’s election rally in Bannu
Don News Channel is missing in many areas of the country. Never see the voice ever disappeared, never lost the picture. Why is this happening and who is doing it? Every leader, from politicians to general voters, does not want to take a name even openly.

No Establishment says, no good-for-nothing junk-ghost The latest example is that in Mulan, a candidate of Muslim League Noon Iqbal Siraj was slapped by some people, his warehouse was raided and it was said that if you did not return the ticket to Muslim League Noon then your business would be destroyed.

Iqbal said openly to the media cameras that the people of this secret agency had done this work with him. But shortly after that, he said that I had a misunderstanding, not me, by an agency, but by the employees of the Agriculture Department slapping and threatening.

My friend, Abdullah Pan, says that this time the elections are just as clear as a mirror. Every voter can see all over but can not take a finger, do not pick up anything.

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