The people of Mexico did ‘red salute’ first time


There has been a major historical change in the politics of Mexico. Leftist leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador won the presidential election on Sunday. After his victory, Lopez O’Brador said that there is a significant change in the country.

In Mexico, elections are being held every six years since 1929, but so far only two main parties of the country, National Action Party (PAN) and Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) have ruled the country.

From the year 1929 to 2000, the PRI party candidate was president whereas from 2000 to 2012, the PA took power of the country and then PRI returned to power in the 2012 elections.

In this way, Lopez Obrador will be the first president in the history of Mexico, who does not belong to these two parties. The people of Mexico will first see the rule of anyone other than the two main parties of the country.
Andres Menuel Lopez Obadar, José Antonio and Ricardo Anaia
63-year-old Lopez Obrador, popularly known as Mexico City’s former mayor and Emlo, has received 53 percent of the votes. They will take the oath of office on December 1.

Lopez Oberrar made corruption the most prominent issue in his election campaign. Along with this, he has also been openly criticizing American President Donald Trump.

Although US President Trump has tweeted to congratulate Lopez on his victory. He wrote, “Congratulations to Andreas Menuel Lopez Obrador for being the next President of Mexico. There is a lot to be done in America and Mexico. ”


Donald J. Trump

Congratulations to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador on becoming the next President of Mexico I see him too There is much to be done in both the United States and Mexico!

8:31 AM – 2 જુલાઇ 2018
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What will change?

Opponents of Lopez O’Brador criticized him saying that he would take the economy of Mexico already underdeveloped due to its Left policies and take it to the bottom. Many critics feared that Mexico’s situation would be like Venezuela.

But after registering important victories over the presidential election, Lopez O’Brador said he would fulfill his promise to end corruption.

He said, “Because of corruption, such a decline has been reported in the current political regime. We all believe that due to corruption, the social and economic condition of the country has been spoiled and non-equality has increased, apart from this, due to corruption, there have been so many incidents of violence in the country. ”

He said that whosoever gets involved in corruption cases will not be spared, neither do they even consider him as his brother.

Mexico Five Principles of Presidential Elections
Mexico and America will build wall

Lopez Obador’s policies
There have been many incidents of violence in Mexico since the last year, most of these incidents include groups selling drugs.

Lopez O’Brador has said that he will hold a daily meeting with his safety cabinet in this regard. This time the election campaign was filled with the most violent incidents in Mexico’s history, in which more than 130 political candidates and party workers died.

During the election campaign, Lopez O’Briador continued to use stringent words against the American President Trump but after winning, he said that he would try to establish a friendly relationship with the United States.

Apart from this, he also tried to overcome the worries created between the business world after his victory. Lopez Obrador said that he would not nationalize the business world and respect private business. With this, he said that his government will not increase taxes.

On his social policies, Lopez O’Brador said that he would double the pension to senior citizens.
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Andrés Manuel

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Primer mensaje 01 de julio 2018 # AndrésManuelPresidente

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Response of the remaining candidates
According to figures released by Mexico’s Electoral Institution, Lopez O’Brador has got more than double the number of votes with his closest opponent. This is the biggest difference of victory since 1980.

Conservative Party National Action Party (PAN) candidate Ricardo Anaa remained second. He said, “I congratulate Lopez on winning and I hope he will do well for Mexico.”

On the other hand, Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) candidate José Antonio Meade remained third in power. He also congratulated Lopez Obrador for winning.
After winning the wing leader in Mexico, everyone will be looking at his relationship with the USA

So far, the PRI party has been ruled by the longest in the history of Mexico. Mexico’s electoral institute has reported that 62.7 percent of the vote was officially filed in the election.

Apart from the new president, the Congress has also elected 128 senators and 500 representatives. These will all become part of state and local politics.

Lopez Obrador’s coalition is expected to get a majority in the lower house and the Senate.

People hoping for shelter in America
Donald Trump will send troops to Mexico border
People protest against the migratory policy of Trump

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