Thailand: In a dark cave filled with water, Rescue operation run like this


On June 23, 12 children and their coaches went to the rooftop caves in northern Thailand after the practice of football and went missing. Nine days later all these rescue teams have got alive.

The team had disappeared after entering rain water caves. For its exploration, the Navy and the Air Force of Thailand launched a major campaign.

The bicycles of this group were found at the mouth of the cave. The water of heavy rain had penetrated in the cave so that the way of coming out was closed.

The rescue team expected that between 11 years and 16 years of age, these football players and their coach could live within these caves named Tam Lung Noon.

They had hoped that the group, surrounded by flood waters, could get a safe haven inside the cave.
The picture of one of the missing boys, Sutham, is seen in the phone of a student in Thailand.
Thai navy dancers, four Britian cave divers and members of some US military team have made a lot of effort to reach the inner areas of Tam Lung Non Cave. It is also Thailand’s fourth longest cave.

Pumps used in industries were used to get water out of the cave. But heavy rains kept work difficult.
After filling the water in the mouth of the cave, relief and rescue teams have also tried to find other ways to go in. Water was taken out of the rocks by the eyelet.
The lens drone was used to find potential pathways from thermal camera. A robot sent inside gave information to the rescue team about the situation of the cave in addition to the water level and depth of water.

Rescue teams have also used search dogs to find clothes or other items of missing children.
Rescue teams had said a few days before the signs of the survival of the children on Monday that they feel that they are about a kilometer away from the children trapped inside. But there was a thin sun in the middle, in which the water was filled.
The news of these children trapped inside the cave has given priority to the media worldwide and the whole country was praying for these children.
Hundreds volunteers also came forward to help the army and police in the search operation.

Due to missing children in the country and special prayer meetings were organized.


On the way to Tam Lung Cave, these ascetic people also perform rituals.
On Saturdays, this lady appeared ritual for children outside the tantric name Namgun forest.
On Monday, the people of the local tribal Leishu community sacrificed a chicken by making a ritual to please the soul of Tam Lung Cave.
Medical experts say that the survival of the group depends on whether or not they get drinking water within the cave. Experts say that these groups can survive for eight days without food.

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