Thailand: If childrens do not get out of cave till four months ..

_102371780_ce083e62-8d8a-4dd9-b413-9ddbbaa52549.jpgThe news of the 12 children missing in Thailand for nine days and the news of their football coach tied the whole world.

All of these people went to see a cave in northern Thailand after practicing football on the evening of June 23. But due to flood water all the caves got caught inside.

A team of defenders searched all these nine days and on the 10th day, medicines and food were transported to these people.

According to the rescue team, the children trapped in the cave and their coaches had searched for a place within the cave so that they could not escape the flood water.

However, with the help of Thai Army, now these children are being tried to take out. The Thai army says that it can take up to four months for the children to take them out.
‘Protective’ emotion
But four months, a long time. If these children remain within the cave for so many days, what will be the effect on their mental health?

Doctor Andrea Dennis is a psychiatrist for children and teenagers in London. They say that this accident can affect children’s mental health in many ways.

He says, “It can be frightened in them, they can be irritable and moody, but the best thing here is that the children are in a team, so that they have a community, and one among them. The ‘protective’ spirit is also intact. ”

Professor Donaldson R. Forsith of Richmond University, based in Virginia, USA agrees with this.

He says, “Being in the group keeps the desire to escape from the disaster and to stay alive.” This will benefit the children and they will stay together. However, a bad part of being in the group is that people start getting emotional. Many times they begin to accuse each other, they are angry and bring the feelings of big and small into mind.

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How to avoid the children trapped in the cave?
What to do now?
This is a very unusual situation. Earlier this year there was such an accident. Then, in the Chilean mine, the workers were trapped in the tunnel for about 70 days.

But this case is very different from that, because this involves 12 children.

Dr. Andrea Dennis says that at this time the most important role is of adults who are engaged in saving these children or those coaches with them.

He says that children should be interacted with honesty so that they are at least frightened in their mind. It is important for them to know that what is being done to bring them out and what is going to happen next.

Doctor Andrea Dennis says that if there was anything that the children did not expect in the process of taking them out, then its effects on the brains of the children could last for a long time.

Experts believe that in this situation, children will also have to express their feelings. Children should be encouraged to tell whatever they are feeling.

The phone line is laid in the cave. This will allow them to stay in touch with their families. Obviously this will increase the morale of the children.

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How much effect of darkness?

Arrangement of lights in the cave is the biggest challenge for the rescue team. Because these children of light will not be able to differentiate between day and night.

According to Professor Russell Foster of Oxford University, the ‘body clock’ of the light goes awry, whose direct effect falls on the mood.

Foster says, “Constantly staying in a dark place, the cycle of sleeping and waking is disturbed, the mood seems to be bad and many kinds of actions get worsened in the body.”

However Professor Foster admits that the rescue team will install lights in the cave. These lights will be lit up by day and night.

He says that the same arrangement was made for miners who were trapped for 70 days in Chile.

Foster says that after returning to the ground these children will also take some time to get normal.
Will there be any effect later?
Even after coming out of the cave, many experiences and bad memories can disturb these children.

Professor Robert A. Knox of Boston University says, “It has been observed that the children who suffer from this type of shock, have disorders in the mood, they can live with them for a long time, they may have depression and they May be in stress. ”

But that will not happen to all children.

Professor Robert says that after such an accident, only three out of ten children can have such disorders. Rest of the remaining one-thirds of the children will be helped by meditation for a few months and they will come out of this trauma.

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