Thailand: How difficult to take out children trapped in a cave


In Thailand, 12 children stranded in a cave and their soccer coach got food and medicines for the first time after 10 days.

On June 23, 12 boys and their coaches went to see a cave after practicing football in all northern Thailand. But due to flood water they were trapped there.

The team of seven divers, including doctors and nurses, has managed to reach the cave. On Monday, these children were found out about nine missing for nine days.

In the meantime, the rescue workers are considering several ways to safeguard the children trapped in the cave

According to the rescue workers, the children trapped in the cave and their coach had searched for a place within the cave so that they could not escape the flood of water.

Now the effort is being taken to remove water from the cave. Divers are facing difficulties in taking medicines and food to people trapped inside.
The dancer has also gone along with the diver
A phone line has been installed inside the cave so that the children trapped inside can talk to their families.

Earlier, Thailand’s army had said that children would have to learn swimming to get out, or they would have to wait for months until the floodwater was over.

The army said that if the option of diving fails, then four months’ food will be sent to them.

It is believed that many children do not swim in the group. Some children have become weak due to hunger for many days.

Meanwhile, a phone line has also been installed inside the cave so that children can talk to their families.

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In bad condition, you may have to stay within four months
Officials told reporters on Tuesday that seven doctors, including a doctor and a nurse, are accompanying children inside the cave. They are caring for and entertaining all children.

Thailand’s Navy officials said, “They are being given easy food to give them digestion and strength. There is no need to worry, we will take care of them all the way, we will bring them out safely.”

Army officials have also said that if the situation is very bad then they may have to stay within four months.


How to avoid the children trapped in the cave?
In order to find children trapped in the Tam Lung Cave in Thailand’s Chiang Rai, the Thai government called upon Britain’s three ‘Cave Expert’ Wollin, Richard Stanton and Robert Charles Harper to help.

Thousands of people were engaged in their search before this. Experts from the UK came out on Monday night to find him

Video of the children of divers met the video of the Thai Navy on Facebook.
British dancers, Robert Charles Harper is seen trying to find a way out in an open mouth of the mountain
How are these children trapped
The ages of children trapped inside the cave are between 11 and 16 years. His coach is 25 years old.

All of them were missing on June 23. It is believed that all of them went inside the cave at that point when it was dry. After going inside, heavy rains caused the cave to be filled with water.

All of them have been found within about four kilometer from the mouth of the cave. Children’s bicycles were found at the mouth of the cave.
How will the children get out
It is challenging to get rid of stranded children and their coaches in the current situation. During the rainy season, this cave often fills with water, which takes place in September-October to dry.

Before that they will have to learn swimming to come out. Experts say that there is a shortage of mud and light inside the cave, due to which the coming out of them is not empty with the dangers.

Attempts to remove water from inside the cave have not been successful yet. Some teams have been trying to break the mountain so that another way to get inside the cave can be found.

All 12 children trapped inside are members of the local football team. His coach used to rotate them from time to time. Two years ago, his coach had brought the children back to this cave.

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