Thailand: Children can live locked ‘Till months’ in cave


In a cave in Thailand, 12 boys and their soccer coach were missing for nine days. But now the biggest challenge is to take these children out of the cave.

Giving information about the combing operation in Taamung Cave located at Cheeng Rai, an official said that “Everyone is safe, but the level of water in the cave is on the rise and due to mud, it is difficult to reach them.”


How to avoid the children trapped in the cave?
Thailand’s army engaged in rescue work say that to get out of the cave, these children will have to learn swimming or they will have to wait until the flood water goes down, which may take months.

The challenge remains for the workers engaged in the continuous increasing water level rescue. Rescuers are providing food and medicines for children.
According to the army, food is being collected for children, which can run for at least four months.

The Tam Lung Cave always fills the flood during flood and the water of the flood lasts for the months of September or October.

Efforts are being made to get the water filled in the cave through the pump, but it is not getting much success.
The children trapped in the cave were searched on Monday. When the Britian reached the diver, he first asked, ‘When will we go out’, after thanking him?

The divers told them that ‘not today’. Then they asked ‘What day is today’, the divers said, ‘Monday, you are here for ten days, you are very strong, very strong’.

Anxiety across the country

The video has been released by Thailand Navy Seal to reach the children of divers.

There was an atmosphere of anxiety all over the country with 12 boys missing in the cave and their coach. The news of all these being safe has come because of their happiness for their families.

Chiang Rai’s governor Narongsak Osotanakorn told that the Special Forces Navy involved in the search operation searched for them.

When the news of his death came out, the mother of a child living outside the cave said, “Today is the best day, I have been waiting for my son ever since. I am very excited, now when I come out first, I will embrace her. I want to thank everyone. ”

According to the rescue workers, children trapped in the cave and their coaches had searched for a place within the ground so that they could not escape the flood water.


Jonathan Head
Chiang Rai governor says all 13 missing in Thai cave has found found He says they are safe.

9:09 pm – 2am. 2018 · Mae Sai, Thailand
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This incident was being discussed in whole of Thailand and all the country was being mourned to save these children and their coach.

Difficulties in Investigative Campaign

Due to the ever increasing water and mud, there were many problems in this search operation.

Belgium Diver Ben Reminants, involved in the rescue team, told how difficult the situation is. Before meeting the children, he told the BBC, “They are very much inside and can only be swim there, these caves are like a maze, the temperature is 21 degrees and there is very viscosity.This is the maze of small tunnels that many The first day, I was very disappointed because we were unable to see anything because of darkness. ”

The children are being planned to take out safely. Talking to the reporters, Chiang Rai’s governor said, “Now we will send food to them, but now we do not know whether they will eat or not because they have not eaten anything for ten days. We will see whether they will be able to digest food or not, but now we have to do a lot. They have to get rid of them and make them normal so that they can go to school.
Rain water is flooded in these caves
Who were these children?
All the 12 children, who are also called Wild Bore, are members of the football team.
The 25-year-old assistant coach, Ikapol Janathavong, used to turn these children to rotate. Two years ago, he had brought the children back in this cave.
The smallest player in the team is the 11-year-old ‘Titan’, he started playing soccer from the age of seven.
The captain of the team, 13-year-old Duongpet ‘Dome’, is also a member of his team’s motivator.
The club’s main coach did not go for a walk with the Kantawong team in Naprapar. They have said that these children all dream to become professional footballers one day, they believe that all the boys will live together and never leave each other alone.

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