Social: The world is shocked at this “gimmick” of Neymar


_102308573_8af74b1d-ee1f-4f57-b351-9cbac74d7577‘Neymar has made Brazil happy, but has made the whole world very perplexed.’

This is the headline of the news of the Brazilian newspaper Globo. And it has been written about the player who can present the best football talent and useless acting samples together in the same match.

After Lionel Messi of Argentina and Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal, Neymar is now the world’s biggest superstar of the World Cup. He is also the world’s most expensive player.

Neymar is also praised, even criticized

On Monday, in the round 16 matches against Mexico, Neymar also appeared in color. In the 2-0 win, he scored a goal and played a key role in making the second goal.

But apart from rounding the field, he is also in the discussion for other reasons.

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Brazil Football World Cup quarter-finals

They have been raising questions that whenever they encounter a player in front of the team, they ‘play’ the kind of injury such as a huge accident has happened.

What to say on Neymar?

Because of this, there remains a discussion of neutral supporters, but this habit has a lot of criticism.

Something similar happened in the match against Brazil vs Mexico. The game had to stop 20 minutes after the match ended, due to Neymar.

When Mexican legend Miguel Lion’s foot hit Nemar’s ankle, Neymar started screaming like he was suffering from unbearable pain.

What did you say in defense?

After this move, the Brazilian team, the Mexicans, the referee, the Forth official came all the way and there was a danger of a rising heat.

After the match, a question related to Lion was thrown at Neymar, his manager Titey said, “He had climbed to Neymar. I saw myself on the screen. ”

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Then Neymar said, “Look, I feel that this is just to show me less.”

What did the other players say?

“I do not pay much attention to criticism or praise because it has an impact on personality. In the last two matches, I did not talk to the press because I did not want to. ”

“I just have to play, help my team.”

Former star striker Dion Dublin said, “I am feeling ashamed of Neymar.”

‘World’s greatest player’

“He is one of the great players of the world, but when he rolls on the field like this, then there is nothing to understand. Wonderful man, you can do better than this, do not play football … ”

Positive or negative, the response to Neymar comes very much. There are about 10 million viewers on their Instagram. And within 10 minutes of their posting, 10 lakhs of eyes were found.

But another picture is being shared on Twitter, in which he is seen rolling against Switzerland in the match.

How much pain do you have?

And these pictures, based on that, became viral in the media, video and gif social media. There are eight photos of Neymar, who is moaning in a post differently and are being asked how much pain you are having.

Apart from this, there was an incident with Neymar in the match against Costa Rica in Brazil.

It seems that when the referees are putting their hands on Neemar’s hand to ease the tension, Neymar removes the arm and says, “Do not touch me”.

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