India tour of England: Virat Kohli’s most difficult test

_102281948_f89e4318-697d-4476-910c-d4f8520f21c4.jpgThe tour to England in front of Virat Kohli has always been difficult and this year also the tour was not good for him.

Against Ireland, the team batted exceptionally well but Captain Virat failed to score a bat in both T20 matches.

In the first match against Ireland, they were dismissed without any runs, whereas in the second match, only 9 runs.

Virat is out of two matches in such a way that, against the weaker team like Ireland, there is definitely no good news for sports fans.

However, the performance of the England team would have definitely got nothing from this performance.

With the hopes of winning the series, the Virat-led team has now left for England from England.

There is still a hard examination for the Indian team in the series of three T20, three ODIs and five Test series against England.
Hard to face Virat
Virat Kohli’s name is among the best batsmen in the world.

His magical bat has filled his color everywhere. Whether it is Australia’s land or South Africa’s country.

India had dusted the host team in the Limited Hour in the series of their previous South Africa series.

Virat Kohli had scored runs in the series. If he does the ICC rankings, then he is number one in ODIs and second in the Test.

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Virat Kohli and Dhoni

Do not run in England
England is the only country where Virat Kohli has the right to prove himself.

He has not been able to see his batting style so far against this country.

The tour of England has always been a challenge for them and so far they have not scored any big scores there.

Kohli’s Test record in England is pretty bad. You will be surprised that the player who has averaged about 54 in Test matches, and has scored runs on England’s ground with an average of just 13 runs.

In England, Virat has scored only 134 runs in 10 innings of five Tests and his highest score is 39.

However their position in ODI is slightly better. His career average is 58, while in England, he has scored at an average of 32.

This tour is an opportunity for them, where they have to lead only to lead the team but to win the ball from their bats.

Virat’s form will decide the title of this series and the eyes of the whole world will be based on his batting.

In every country, Virat has shown his exploits with his bat, but England’s ground is still waiting for a better innings from him.

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It’s hard to dug, but hopefully
Indian captain Virat Kohli is a fighter and he goes on the field with full preparation.

Team India will start their Test campaign in England from August 1 in Edgbaston while the tour will be held on July 3 from T-20.

The last time the England flopped on the tour, Kohli is fully concentrated this time and keeping this in mind, he did not participate in the only Test match played against Bengal in Bengaluru.

After the IPL season ended, Kohli was to play straight in the Surrey county team in London, but due to injury, he could not take part in county cricket.

All these things clearly prove that Virat is taking the England series very seriously.

However, Kohli indirectly told to withdraw from the county’s three matches due to injury and also said that he is completely fit for this difficult tour.

He said that India has played in England for four years. In such a situation, he wanted to prepare himself better for those conditions, but the fit meant more to them.
What are the legends of cricket
Many older former players believe that the entire planning of the team will depend on his personal form of Virat.

They also believe that cricket pundits do not have to peep in history. There is a lot of difference between Virat and Viraat of the year 2014.

Former Pakistan great batsman and selector Inzamam-ul-Haq believes that Virat is in the list of All-Time Greyts and he hopes that he will make a comeback in England according to his name.

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Inzamam says that even though Virat’s performance has not been good against England yet, there is a stir in the opposition camp just because of the presence of a player like him in the team.

Former Australian player Glenn McGrath says that there is no doubt that Virat is now an experienced cricketer, but English conditions are very challenging. Especially when they have experienced fast bowlers like James Anderson who knows those conditions better. So the challenge for Virat becomes even more difficult.

McGrath also admits that Virat has to make special preparations against Anderson to be successful on the England tour.

They have to first co-ordinate with those conditions. Only then will they get an opportunity to pursue their innings.

McGrath said, “I am desperate to see the struggles of Kohli and Anderson.”
England also have the best form
England’s team eliminated their strong opponent Australia’s one-day series with a one-by-one difference of 5-0.

Not only that, he also got dust in England in T-20. After this whitewash, the England team is full of confidence.

In such a scenario, this tour is not going to prove difficult for the Indian team.

However, this is a great opportunity for Virat Kohli’s team to lose England in their home.

If India succeeds in it, its far-reaching effect may be seen in the World Cup in England at the same time next year.

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