In pictures: Fighter plane of america submerged in World War II

Some naval dancers of France are engaged in finding debris of a fighter aircraft sank during the Second World War, together with an American agency.

This American plane crashed near the eastern coast of the island of Corsica, the island of the French Mediterranean Sea.

An American agency named DPAA is helping the French naval divers in this search mission.

The agency says that through scientific DNA test, it will try to identify that the pilots who were missing during the Second World War, which two of the pilots were flying this fighter plane.

In these pictures you can see the French divers.

All these divers are gathering specimens from US fighter aircraft called ‘US AAF P-47 Thunderbolt’ on the ship ‘FS Pluton M-622’, navy used in mining.

These aircraft crashed in 1944.

The purpose of the US Agency DPA is to find out all the circumstances that caused the accident during World War II.

The agency will try that if a specimen of the dead soldiers is found, then they should hand them over to their family and the funeral of an official army of those pilots also be performed.

French divers have collected many pieces from the plane for analysis.

It can be seen in pictures that Navy’s FS Pluton M-622, standing near the Port of Port of Port of Port of Spain, has kept some pieces of the aircraft in the ship. The pieces of US fighter aircraft are being checked on this vessel.





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