Gurjar angry with BJP over reservation in Rajasthan

_102304839_2fc0d8d8-ef43-4cce-973b-5effeb8c52f6.jpgThe issue of Gurjar reservation in Rajasthan has again come to the surface. The state’s BJP government has issued an order to tighten the implementation of a feasibility reservation for Gurjar and four other castes, but the Gujjar leader is not happy about it.

The leaders associated with the Gujjar Reservation movement have said that they will try to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Modi is coming to Jaipur on July 7.

The state government came into action when the Gujjar leaders again warned the movement.

The state’s social justice minister Arun Chaturvedi responded to the media and said that due to procedural reasons some orders could not be reached. Now, orders have been issued to make one percent reservation effective.

Chaturvedi gave information about the efforts of the BJP government towards reservation and said that the government has not left any shortage on its own.

Gujjar leaders have raised this issue at a time when the BJP government is busy preparing for the Prime Minister’s program. When the Gujjar leaders talked of pelting the protest, the state government became active.
Road warning
Himesh Singh, a member of the Gujjar Reservation Movement Committee, told : “The government has been sitting on hand.” Sixteen points were fixed in talks with the government a month ago, but after that there was no progress on those points, we will not sit quiet. Our children are being deprived of the benefits of reservation in jobs and educational institutions, we will seek time to meet Modi, if necessary, then we will come to the streets. ”

Rajasthan currently has 49 percent reservation for Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes. The government has fixed one percent reservation for five castes including Gurjar. This has made the reservation fifty percent.

In the last decade, whenever the government implemented the law to increase it, it was appreciated in an instant. But every time such a proposal is reversed by the court because it violates the lawful fifty percent acceptable rate of reservation.

Congress spokesperson Archana Sharma told the media, “First BJP had said that such a law was lodged in the new schedule of the Constitution so that it could not be challenged, but BJP did not fulfill its commitment.”

Archana Sharma questioned, “What is wrong when there is a BJP government in both the Center and the state?”

Separate tone
On May 19 this year, there was an agreement in the meeting regarding the reservation between the BJP government and the Gujjar leaders in Jaipur in Jaipur. But Gujjar leader Himmat Singh says, “The government has not done anything to bring this agreement to the ground.”

On the other hand, BJP spokesperson Mukesh Chelawat says that the good results of the dialogue between the government and the Gujjar leaders have emerged and the community is satisfied with the dialogue.

Gurjar leader Himmat Singh says, “There is no special progress on the plan of God Narayana. We are sad because of the situation.”

Gurjar leader is also demanding division of division in backward class reservation. For this they give examples of Uttar Pradesh. But the influential castes in the backward class are not ready to accept any such offer. There are elections in the state six months later.

Observers say that the government wants to take the time to do so that no class should be upset by that time.But the Gujjar leader is considering the election season right for his issue.


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