Ground Report: What is saying family whose people killed in Dhule

_102294167_narmadabhosale.jpgDhule district of Maharashtra became witness to slaughtering on Sunday. In the Rainpada village, the mob beat and killed five people.

All this happened in the Panchayat office, whose wall was pictured by Mahatma Gandhi, a priest of non-violence.

The room of the office, whose floors were red blooded until yesterday, has been cleaned up today. Although the marks of spots can still be seen.

These five were beaten to death in the hope of being a kid-perpetrator.

When we reached the settlement of people near Sakri village, they were very scared.

The people of the community came here to ask for begging from Solapur district of South Maharashtra. They all kept tents outside Dhule district.

On Sunday, the community had killed Bhosale (45), Dadar Bhosale (36), Raju Bhosale (47), Agnu Hingole (20) and Bharat Mavale (45) of the community on Sunday.

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Narmada Bhosale, wife of Bhosle Bharat, who was killed, said to the BBC, “Our world has gone to India. I have lost my husband and I have been completely broken, he was like a king for me. They went to the begging at 9 in the morning and had called them in the afternoon, but their mobile switch was off. I got information about the incident on Sunday at four o’clock. ”

Regarding one of the five killed, Jagannath Gosavi said, “This kind of incident has happened to us for the first time. We are from Mangalveda of Solapur district, we have come here to beg for this. This is our traditional work. Several places of Maharashtra have been visited and came here a few days ago, after which we were going to return to our village, but before that this incident happened. ”

The people of the community have started evacuating their tents and they are now preparing to return to their village Mangalda.

These communities come from nomadic tribes. These people go from one place to another. All of these belong to the Nath sect, whose roots are found in North India.
To avoid the police action, most of the villages have left the village.
23 people arrested

Dhule district’s SP M Ramkumar told the BBC, “In this case, 23 people have been arrested, around five in the afternoon on Sunday, five people reached the village, some people of the village suspected them, they inquired. They were not satisfied with their reply, they took them to a room and were beaten with bamboos and stones. ”

After getting the information, the police reached the spot. On Sunday, there is a market in the area, that is why more crowds were gathered at the time of the incident.

Police took the five people to the hospital, where they were declared dead. After the incident, senior officers of the police are visiting the village. To avoid the police action, most of the villages have left the village. There is a silence spread around. No one is ready to talk to the village.

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Rumor market on social media

Like the other parts of the country, the market of rumor is hot after the incident in Maharashtra. The rumor was spread that the kidnapper gang is roaming in the villages of Maharashtra.

These rumors are being spread in Dhule, Nandurbar and Nashik districts. Similar incident has been witnessed in Malegaon of Nashik district. On Sunday, the mob beat two people and when the police tried to intervene, it was attacked.

The crowd damaged police vehicles. A few days ago, three people were beaten up in Nandurbar for the theft of the child.

Police is distributing the form to stop these rumors. Maharashtra Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis has announced compensation of five lakh rupees for the families killed.

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