Five big news: Japanese lose matches but won hearts in Russia

_102369598_047896307-1.jpgJapan has won the heart of football fans even after being out of play after defeating Belgium in the FIFA Football World Cup.

Japan lost 2-3 in the Knock-out match played against Belgium in the Rostov Arena of Russia. After the first two goals in Japan, Belgium made a strong comeback in the match and scored three goals on one.

Due to the loss of the match, it was also shameful for the team to lose, but the Japanese team then returned to their dressing room, cleaned it well and then sent a message “Thank you Russia” on the table before leaving there. And then it was gone.

Not only did the Japanese team do this, but the fencing of Japan gathered in the stadium also cleared the dirt they had spread in the stadium and won the hearts of the people.
Donald Trump’s former election campaign coordinator Michael Caputo also appeared in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee
Russia’s ‘intervention’ in the US election
According to a report published in Business Insider, the US Senate Intelligence Committee has supported the Intelligence Committee’s 2017 report stating that Russia had intervened in the presidential elections.

The committee has released a report on Tuesday, according to which the intelligence report submitted in January 2017 has been prepared on “on the basis of intelligence” and “transparent” manner.

According to the report, Russia worked in support of Republican candidate Trump and Russia hacked the website of the Democratic National Committee. At the same time, Russia also tried to hack the website associated with the Election Commission just before the election.
Anti-Extremism Action in Pakistan
According to a story printed in The Statesman, Pakistani army chief General Qamar Javed Bajwa has given his approval to the death penalty for the 12 extremists involved in different cases of extremism within the country.

In a statement, Media’s Media Branch, Inter-Services Public Relations, said that with the addition of six more militants, the Chief of the Army Chief has got the approval of the Chief of the Jail for being involved in matters of corruption.

These extremists have been held responsible for the attack on army, civilian and law enforcement agencies in which eight civilians and 26 civilians have been killed and 133 have been injured so far.

The Army Chief was tried before a military court was tried.
Strictness on social media
The government has approached the whitsapp to prevent the killing and violence in India due to wrong reports being spread on social media.

According to a report printed in the Indian Express, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology has written a letter to the top officials of the WHATASP that they have taken steps to stop such bad news spreading on their social media.

The ministry says that the company should stop such wrong messages as soon as possible and use the appropriate technology for it. Sources say the newspaper says that this month, the Home Ministry is going to hold a meeting in which Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp will also be called.

When false news of ‘explosion’ spread from Facebook
Zuckerberg to stop such furious news
Smriti Irani unknowingly spreads like this

Harmanpreet’s degree ‘fuzzy’
Captain of Indian Women’s Cricket T20 and a Master Degree of Harmanpreet Kaur received Arjuna Award has been found to be fuzzy.

According to a news in Times of India, the newspaper says that after getting Harmanpreet Kaur’s degree furious in the police investigation, now she can get her job in the Deputy Superintendent of Police.

The police has sent their report to the State Home Department in this regard. Harmanpreet, a resident of Moga, joined Punjab Police in March this year.

After all who is Harmanpreet Kaur
Women Team India, one step away from creating history
Women’s Cricket: Six-time Champion India defeated neighboring Bangladesh

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