FIFA World Cup 2018: England beat Colombia in penalty shootout, reached quarter finals

_102367178_11557da4-3744-4345-ab9d-10b4b55a4c43.jpgCaptain of England football team Harry Kane had tears in his eyes and also in the eyes of thousands of Columbia viewers in the stadium. The difference was that the joy of victory in the eyes of Harry Cain was that, while the Colombian viewers were disappointed with the end of their team’s World Cup triumph.

The battle for domination between the two teams in Samara was fought for 120 minutes. By the time fixed time both teams were on equal footing with 1-1 goals and in the extra time this test continued.

Finally, the match was decided by a penalty shootout, in which the side remained in favor of England. England’s goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, defending Carlos Bukka’s kick, of Colombia safely defended, and after that, Eric Dyer ensured the goal of reaching the team in the last eight, by dodging Colombia’s goalie.

England won the match 4-3. In the quarter-final, England will take on Sweden.

The first goal from England was in the second half by Captain Harry Kane with a penalty kick. After this, Columbia gave full support to the goal of scoring a goal. Just a few minutes away from the end of the match, Columbia’s Yerei Mina hit the equalizer and pushed the match into extra time.

In the Sweden Quarter Final, Switzerland out

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Earlier, England were trapped in the penalty shootout three times in the World Cup. He was defeated in the years 1990, 1998 and in 2006 and three times. But this time England won, and 12 years later, they managed to reach the World Cup quarter-finals.

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