Crows of human like cleverness will put you in surprise

_102294159_c061b5fe-c4d1-4ee7-a5e0-48569639ac92.jpgYou must have heard the story of clever crows. Hey, the same crow who puts pebbles in the jar and when the water comes up, drink it and extinguish its thirst. But these crows are not only found in the pages of stories books, but also in fact.

There are some crows in Scotland who have kept the scientists in surprise. That’s because they can make tools (like a fishing hook) and they can also use them.

Clever crow amma
One such crow is Emma. Emma greets himself with a wedding machine. He puts a small piece of paper into the machine, so that the food falls in a box made below it and it snaps it.

Not only this, these crows can solve complex problems too. They have been recorded while trying to catch insects with the help of a wood. They tease the insects with wood, until they get fed up with it.
Now for these tricks a special kind of wedding machine was designed, which they are using well. This shows that these crows are really clever.

This’ vending experiment ‘is a refreshing example of the experiments being done to detect the birds’ intelligence. These birds are so fast that scientists have created a special cage for them in New Caledonia, in which they test their intelligence for some days before leaving them in the woods.

‘Crows behave like humans’

It has been created by Dr. Sarah Jelbert of Cambridge University. He said, “We wanted to see the birds learn something new, so we created this machine, this machine contains a piece of paper and a piece of meat, to get a piece of meat to make them small pieces of paper. After adding small pieces of paper, the piece of meat falls into a small box made out of the machine, which it can eat.

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Dr. Jellbert told that he first gave small pieces of paper to the crows. When they learn to take food with the help of small pieces, big pieces are kept in front of them. To see this, they use the brain to divide paper into small pieces or not.

The scientists used this experiment on eight cows and found that everyone has learned to tear the paper into pieces of the right size.

Dr. Jelbert says that crows are treated very well by humans.

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