Cave of Thailand: How are people alive after so many days!

_102314355_c322e456-363a-4908-bd09-8b4284e719ee.jpgOn June 23, 12 boys and their coaches went to see a cave after practicing football in all northern Thailand. Nine days later all 13 people have been found to be safe.

In the rescue, Thailand’s army and air force were also involved, who have searched all the people trapped inside the cave.

Rescue teams felt that 11 to 16 years all the boys and their coach will be living in the lot of Tham Luang Nang Nong Cave. They felt that the whole group could be found on the hillside cave and right under the ground, which got stuck inside due to the flow of water.
Below is a photo of a missing boy named Thailand’s student named Sutham.
Four British cave divers and some US military personnel, along with Thailand’s naval divers, worked hard to reach the depths of Thailand’s longest cave Tham Luang Nang Nun.
In the picture below, British cave-diver Robert Charles Harper has been seen digging the mountains during the rescue operation.
Industrial water pump was used to reduce the level of water inside the cave, but due to frequent rain there was considerable struggle.
The entrance gate of the cave seemed like it was flooding, so they had to find other ways to find the water level inside the cave and drill in the mountains so that the cave inside Could reduce water from

Every possible way to reach them was found through the drones with thermal camera. Robots were also used so that they could give information about the depth of water under the ground.

Sniffer dogs were also used to smell the clothes of missing children.
Rescue teams had told a few moments before meeting a group of 13 people on Monday that they believe that they are only one kilometer away from us, where boys can but due to a narrow path, they had to stop there.

Rescue teams got the support of the media with the support of the media.
Hundreds of people joined forces and police in search of them.

There is also a prayer for missing boys everywhere. On the left side, a priest is seen worshiping near Tham Luang Nang Nong Cave.

A saint was seen performing a religious work on the side of the road towards Tham Luang Cave (right side).
On Saturday, to find these people, Akhash Biswas was seen near Khum Nam Nang None Forest Park.
On Monday, the people of Leu tribal people sacrificed a poultry to please the souls of Tham Luang cave.
Thai medical experts reported that they were dependent on the weather. They had got sweet water to drink, due to which they could survive for eight days without eating.

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