By defeating Mexico Brazil in World Cup Football quarter finals


In World Cup football, Brazil beat Mexico 2-0 to enter quarter-finals.

Neymar scored the first goal of the match in Brazil’s 50th minute of the match. Neymar started making the first move for this goal. They increased the Ball Williamson.

Running away from the left side pushed the pass inside the William Penalty and sliding over there, Neymar gave the ball the direction of the goal.

This is Neymar’s second goal in the current World Cup.
After this, in the 88th minute Roberto Fermino scored another goal from Brazil. This time the goal of the goal was made by Fernandinho, they made sure to win the ball to Neymar, the Neymar’s brilliant pass by pushing the Fermino ball into the goal post and making the team go ahead 2-0.

Earlier, before the match, Brazil’s dominance was noticed, but the team could not score any goals.

How mexico weary
During the match the two teams maintained elastic control over the ball. But in the case of the shot, the Brazilian team was heavily dependent on Mexico. While Brazil scored a total of 20 shots, Mexico scored 13 shots.
Similarly, in the case of a shot shot targeted on the goal post, Mexico could not be seen far in front of Brazil. Brazil shot 10 shots on Target, while Mexico could only hit one shot.

Although both teams got almost the same turner. Brazil got eight, Mexico got 7 corners. But the figure of foul was higher on Mexico. His players totaled 17 fouls while Brazilian players made 6 fouls.

The reason for this was that in their first match of the Group Stage, the current champion Germany, who churned out the dust in Mexico, failed to make a major reversal in front of Brazil in the last 16 knockout match.

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