Buradi Case: Can anyone’s brain be read after death?

_102314036_gettyimages-989918396.jpg11 people were found dead in suspected circumstances Sunday in Sant Nagar Bhardi area of ​​north Delhi. Three days later the matter is still not resolved.

The police are investigating this matter from both the suicide and murder. These deaths are also being associated with the Tantra-Mantra. A diary has also been received from home, in which things like salvation have been written.

Neighbors say that the family was a religious tendency. Apart from this, there have been some things in the house which have the suspicion of suicide, but relatives say that the family could not do this. This is a murder case.

There is nothing clear in this that what is the matter …

The postmortem of the dead bodies has been done and reports will come soon, but experts believe that if this case is a suicide, then a psychological uptake in this case can be of great help.

This term is not new in the medical world. The help of psychological auxiliary is taken to resolve many issues related to suicide. In the case of Sunanda Pushkar’s death, too, the reasons for the death were investigated with the help of psychological thesis.

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How is the Psychological Absence?
If you talk about Sunanda Pushkar case, then SIT was formed to investigate her death. After that there was a psychological condition. Now the question arises that how can the mind of the person who is dead dead?
On the outer wall of the house there are 11 pipe out
Indeed, under psychological condition, things related to the deceased are studied, in which efforts are made to understand the difference in the behavior of the person around the date of death.

Manju Mehta, a retired psychology professor from AIIMS, says that psychological illnesses prove helpful in suicides.

“The background associated with the deceased in the Psychological Upscope is investigated. How was his behavior before the death, what did he talk about before the death … Based on all these, efforts are made to understand the deceased’s thinking.”

Referring to the case of Baddi, she says that in this case psychological safety can prove to be helpful because there is a note in it and diary too.

Though he believes that the reason for the reason of death by the psychological attack is 50-50, but if the deceased has left a written note behind him, then this percentage is increased.

Manju says that this trend is not new in India. Many cases have been resolved with its help.

How Psychological Supplements Help
In the Psychological Absolute, an attempt is made to read the mind of the deceased. During that time the deceased was living in what kind of environment, what kind of things he used to do. Was he struggling with some stress … his eating habits and behavior? Based on all these things, the immediate mental condition of the deceased is judged and after this the cause of suicide is identified.

In the case of a scavenger, Dr. Manju says, “I read about those people, one of them was about to get married, it is possible for a great deal to talk to their fiancé, what kind of things he used to say and death. If he had talked about it right then what was that, if it comes to know, then it can be helpful to understand the situation. ”
Only the living dog was tied on the roof of the house
Anil Yadav, a doctor of psychiatry in AIIMS, says that if the case is suicide, then definitely it will help.

“It is a process that helps in understanding suicides. It is discussed with everyone associated with the deceased. His doctor, his medical report is also very helpful. Based on all these, their tendency is assessed. ”

So what if this number of suicide has happened?

Doctor Anil believes that psychological safety will also prove helpful in this case.

“If this case is suicide, then the result will also come out. But as is being said in this case that the behavior of those people was very common, it is important to understand that not all mental disorders are revealed. Maybe they are going through some mental discomfort, but they are not appearing in front of them. ”
Psychological use of other countries
According to The British General of Psychiatry, in the last two decades, cases of suicides have increased in other countries of the world including the UK. In these cases, the help of psychological thesis was taken to know the causes of suicide, which showed that most of the deaths caused unemployment, loneliness, mental disorder and addiction.

In addition, according to the report of General of Effective Disorder, published in Science Direct, the Israeli army has also taken its help. In the Israeli army, between 2009 and 2013, nearly 69 soldiers of the age group of 18 to 21 years of suicide committed suicide. The help of psychological safety was also taken to know the cause of these deaths.

If the suicide is confirmed even in the baddi case of north Delhi, it is possible to find out the reasons why it is possible with the help of psychological condition.

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