Blog: A political formula of the invention of Hindu Muslim controversies


In Ayodhya,  Ram Temple on the land disputed or not, in both cases, if anyone can benefit from it, then it is BJP.

If the temple is built then Hindutva will win, if not, then the defeated majority Hindus will be called for greater solidarity in the support of the BJP, that is also my heart, my wife also.

It is a successful formula, if Jai Jai, laughs, if you win, that means that the religious sentiment of Hindus will always be on the eve.

Under this formula, some BJP leaders in Lucknow proposed a statue of Laxman on the square in front of a historic mosque.

Controversy against ‘Laxman’s idol’ in front of mosque
On this, the Imam of the mosque has objected, he says that there is a prayer of Eid-Bakr in front of the mosque and Muslims can not pray for any idol.

This is how a great and beneficial dispute has been born. The more pro-Hindu theater will be stronger in every situation, and in this entire dispute, minority Muslims will continue to realize that they are probably not equal citizens.

Although the Imam of Talewali mosque is saying that they do not have any objection to the statue of Laxman, but this idol should not be taken in front of the mosque, the leaders associated with the BJP say that the idol will look right there, if the idol looks elsewhere then the dispute How it will happen? If there is no dispute, then what is the benefit of doing all this?

This is one of the many political master strokes because Congress, SP and even BSP will fall in this new controversy if the BJP will stick to it as a ‘anti-Hindu’ label which is a big political threat, therefore anti-BJP will remain silent .

In any case, there is no conspiracy against the politics of Hindu sentiment, they either remain silent or compete with BJP leaders to shake their heads in temples and monasteries. The Opposition wants to win the struggle of thoughts and beliefs, which is not possible.

Every step of development of youth India is not towards the future, the glorious Hindu is going towards the past, the job of the youth of the country will go with the idol of Lakshmana, talk of the condition of the University of Lucknow, if ever,

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Logic of Hindu faith versus history
Lucknow is actually Lakhanpuri, therefore, there should be a magnificent statue of Laxman, which should be made in front of the mosque because the mound of the mound was actually made up of Laxman dunes, hence the idol will be built there, the matter is finished.

Behind the controversy, there is the book ‘Ankha Lucknow’, the old Basin of Lucknow and senior BJP leader Lalji Tandon, in which he has tried to secure the legendary claim of Hindus on a mixed culture city.

Lalji Tandon claims that Shriram’s brother Laxman was the incarnation of Sheshnag, he had laid the foundation of the city, he says that he has complete history.

There are many stories related to naming the city of Lucknow. Some people link it with Laksman like Tandon, while 11th century Dalit King Lakhan Pasi’s Lakhanpuri is also discussed. Some say it in the name of Goddess Lakshmi, and some say that it was a good luck that means fortunate city.

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Uttar Pradesh’s Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, Keshav Prasad Maurya (left) and Dinesh Sharma (right)
The interesting thing is that the Deputy Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Dinesh Sharma, was the Mayor of Lucknow two years ago and he promised to set up an idol of Maharaj Lakhan Pasi in a meeting of the Pasi fraternity. Now the same Dinesh Sharma will also promise to bring Lakshman’s statue.

If you want to understand, you can understand that there is nothing other than the political exploitation of the symbols and the feelings associated with them.

But there is no difference to this, it is the matter of Marx for the BJP that Muslims have an objection to the statue of Laxman, so Hindus should be organized against them because this is a question of faith.

The convenience of faith politics is that it does not have to worry about facts, arguments and rules and regulations. This is the country of Hindus, just like what Hindus want. If this happens then the Hindus will be happy, otherwise they will be angry. In both cases, vote will be done like a Hindu, not like a citizen. what do you want more?
Moundy Mosque and Statue of Laxman
How did Anuj Lakshman of Shriram relate to that mound on which the mosque was built, was it literally called Laxman Tilla, historical, archaeological, mythological, cultural and documentary evidence of these things is not being given, but emotions are feelings.

Some experts are referring to the 2005 order of Allahabad High Court which says that no idols or hoardings, advertisements etc. can be used on such roads in places where traffic is obstructed or distraction of their attention in front of the watchers’ Something that has come with

Emotions do not run with the rule of law and if the feelings have become religious then what to say? BJP leaders are asking, if Lakshman’s idol is not seen in Lucknow then where will it look?

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Apart from this, many Hindus may ask that Lakshman Ram is worshiped, Ram-Lakhan-Janaki and Hanuman idols are found in the temples of every city, Hanuman temple is in the alley, but where are Lakshman worshiped?

What is the point of putting a statue of Lakshman alone on the crossroads? If the worship of that idol is worshiped then what will be the worship of her? For instance, which mantras will be read?

If Laxman’s idol is like an idol of Sardar Patel, which will not be worshiped, then how is this question of faith? Well, when will the idol of Sardar Patel, who was supposed to be older than the Statue of Liberty, looks like?

What is the question, the point is that it is a dispute and the dispute is not between the Hindus and the Muslims. That is the dispute of BJP’s work.

How many leaders of BJP will remember Vande Mataram, they do not know. But making it the sole criterion for measuring patriotism was the trade of profit. Some hardcore Muslim religious leaders believed in Vande Mataram as ‘worshiping’ Vande Mataram and said that there is no permission for the worship of anyone other than Allah in Islam so they should not sing it.

After this, as a logic of proving millions of Muslims to be traitors, “they deny the singing of Vande Mataram” were introduced and are still being done, this makes the patriotism of the Hindus sure and the treason of the Muslims. This will also happen in case of Laxman’s idol.
Hindu Nation, Muslim and Public Interest
Such disputes strengthen Savarkar and Jinnah’s views that Hindus and Muslims are two separate nations, they can not live peacefully.

The idea of ​​Hindu Nation got solid logical support on the day that Pakistan became, but leaders such as Gandhi, Nehru, Patel and Maulana Azad felt that it is bigger than that reckless logic, the ideal on which democracy, equality, freedom and fraternity will survive. .

It is necessary for equality, freedom and fraternity that the system of the country should not be discriminating with its citizens on the basis of religion, this is the ideal which has become infamous secularism due to the subsequent actions of some leaders.

It was easy for the majority of Hindus to teach the bandage why Muslims are not entitled to be equal citizens, why it is necessary that India become a Hindu nation and the majority Hindus should decide how minority Muslims should live in this country. And the educated people also started asking, ‘So what’s wrong in it?’

There are differences in the number of controversies in BJP, that too for BJP, be prepared for such many disputes, the elections are coming closer, apart from seeing the opposition, it does not seem to be doing much in doing anything.

Only sensible people can understand that there are two different things in public life and public interest. Laxman’s idol is massacre and the handpump is popular.

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