Belgium in quarter finals by Scoring goal in last moments


In the second World Cup knockout held on Monday in the ongoing World Cup in Russia, Belgium defeated Japan 3-2 to enter the quarter-finals.

The Belgium team, trailing by a gap of 0-2, played a tremendous game to earn a quarter-final ticket. He scored the first two goals and scored the third goal in the final moments and decided to bid farewell to Japan’s tournament.

Belgium in the quarterfinals will now be in Brazil.

The knockout between Belgium and Japan was very exciting.

Both teams could not score any goals in the first half of the match.

But in the first half of the second half, the Japanese team scored a quick 2-0 lead by scoring a goal in the 48th and 52nd minutes.

The first goal for Japan was scored by Haraguchi and the second goal was Enui.

Despite being behind by two goals, Belgium came back strongly and scored two goals in the 69th and 74th minute to put the match back on track.

In the most exciting match of this World Cup till the 90th minute, the two teams remained equal to 2-2, but in the last minute of the four-minute injections, Belgium scored a goal and reversed the Japanese hopes.

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