Any third is also reading your private email

_102318276_76ce38bc-fbde-4ab5-8698-2174121149f6You must send several important e-mails to each other daily. Many of these e-mails will be very important and private.

But did you know that your very important and private e-mail is also reading a third person?

You might be surprised at this point, but Google itself has confirmed this.

Google has said that the Gmail users who send e-mails and those who come to them often read a third-party app developer.

Those who have added third-party apps to their accounts, have inadvertently allowed external developers to read their private messages.

A company told the Wall Street Journal that it is very “common” and people have no idea about this “black truth”.

An expert in security issues “shocked” at this point that Google also allows this thing.

Gmail is the world’s most popular e-mail service, which is used by 1.4 billion people.

People can add services that compare third party management tools or travel planning and price to their Gmail account.

Whenever a person links his account to an external service, many types of permissions are sought from him. This often includes the permission to “read, send, delete and manage” the e-mail.

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The app asks for permission to read your Gmail messages
According to the Wall Street Journal, employees of third-party apps can read the e-mails of users several times on receipt of such permission.

“No permission”
Although messages are usually sent through computer algorithms, but the newspaper talked to employees of many companies who had read “thousands of e-mails” of people.

Edison Software told the newspaper that they had read hundreds of e-mails for users to create a new software feature.

Another company- Idatasource Inc. said that the engineers had seen many e-mails before their algorithm improved.

The company said that they had not asked for any permission before reading the message of the user, because the word and condition of the user is already told about this.

Professor Alan Woodward of the University of Surrey said, “The term and condition are so high that it will pass several weeks of your life after reading it.”
“It may be that the information is there, but it is not said that a person working for a third party will be able to read your message.”

Although Google says that it allows the same companies to see the messages of their users, which they have to thoroughly investigate before. And this permission is only granted when the user has allowed that third party to view their “e-mail.”

Google officials said that Gmail users can visit their Security Checkup page to see which apps are linked to their account. And if they want, they can refuse to share their data by removing those apps.

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