Abdul said to the wife, ‘Bind luggage, to walk on four abodes journey’

_102282140_img-20180625-wa0011.jpgFour friends of the Najibabad area of ​​Bijnor district of western Uttar Pradesh are trying to give the slogan ‘Hindu-Muslim Sikh-Christian, among the brothers and sisters’ in the endeavor.

These four friends who believe in different religions want to give message of unity to the country.

These four friends and their family are neither allowed to go to the temple nor the mosque. For them the Church and the Gurdwara are all alike holy places.

Even all these people together with the country’s communal unity together travel to the four dhams together.
Family of four friends and their children
Exemplified four friends
These four friends, who became examples of communal harmony, are from Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian religions.

Haji Abdul Malik, a resident of Adab City of Najibabad, is a Muslim while Dilbag Singh is a native of Nijibabad, his partner.

Ramnivas Pal, a resident of Ambedkar Nagar in Delhi, is a Hindu in a group of friends while the fourth friend Pramod is a Christian.

These four have been friends since the last 30 years.

Malik explains, “All the friends we used to study in class VII in Madangir Government Senior Secondary School of Delhi in the 80’s.”

“The friendship of all of us grew gradually and today our family has come very close to each other.”

The families of these friends have become so close today that no Teej festival can not live without celebrating with each other.
Abdul Malik, Ram Niwas, Pramod Christ
Message to the country
Ramnivas says, “If there is a festival of Eid, then we first greet Malak for the moon.”

“After this, all friends and their families start giving a commendation to each other.”

“If all the friends and family are gathered on Eid, then the fun of Eid is doubled. Sister-in-law brings a head for us, then everyone gets excited to eat.”

Festival festival, Deepawali or Christmas or light festival, all friends and family members enjoy these festivals completely.

Dilbag Singh says, “It does not understand how there are Hindu Muslim riots in the country. We have decided that we will set the example of communal unity for the country.”

“There are no riots in the country. People should see that when we can live together for years, then why not?”
Ramnivas, Sudesh, Mansi, Pramod Christ, Rajni, Priyanka and Susank
‘Religion did not come back’

These friends blame the leaders for the increase in communalism in the country.

Pramod Christ says, “All of our friends are from different religions, our friendship is to be of more than 30 years but religion has never come here.”

All these friends have a strong attachment to each other’s families too. The wives of these friends respect them as much as their grandfather.

Shagupta, wife of Abdul Malik, says, “Dilbag Bhaijaan, Ram Niwas and Pramod Christ are just like brothers and sisters.”

“We have never seen these friends complaining about the issue of religion. All the friends are concerned about this.”

“I go to Ramnivas Bhaijan or any of his friends, then I pay a prayer.”

“Wozu water is arranged for me by his wives, they are more than sisters for me.”
Priyanka Christ, Rajni Christ, Shagupta Boss, Iram Fatat, Mansi Pal and Sudesh Pal
Char dham yatra
Malik is in the business of construction while Dilbagh is a farmer.

Pramod Christ works in a private company in Delhi, while Ramnivas is a restaurant in Okhla Industrial Area of ​​Delhi.

The most interesting thing is that these friends have started four dham yatra with their families to maintain mutual harmony in the country.

Abdul Malik says, “In all of us, this love has been for thirty years but when we used to hear news of communal riots in our country, it was a problem.”

“We all decided together why our friendship came to the country and told the wife, make the luggage. What was it, we all started the journey of four Dhams along with the families.”

All these friends started the journey from Najibabad to Kedarnath and Badrinath on June 20.

Ramnivas says, “For the last 30 years, all the friends and people of his family went to all the temples, mosques, gurus and churches all over the country.”

“But I loved the idea of ​​four abodes journey Kept it by friends.”

“Haji Abdul also walked with his family. We have thought that our friendship might be something good for the country.”

Prayer read during the four abodes journey
After leaving four abodes journey on 20th June, all friends and family members were happy to laugh.

Abdul explains, “Because of Friday, I and my son had to offer prayers, we were in Joshimath.”

“Friends helped me to find the mosque. When I prayed prayers, friends and family members started waiting for us outside the mosque.”

“After a while we read the prayers and went ahead.”

After about five days, all these people returned from Kedarnath and Badrinath journey.

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