A tailor’s amazing story who became king

_102285849_9546bd3c-1b5d-4ed0-9c48-a05b0d5fa001.jpgFlight Sergeant Sidney Cohen never imagined that something would happen to him. On June 12, 1943, when he flew off the Mediterranean island in Malta, he had no idea of ​​what would happen next.

Cohen was orphaned and he learned the tailor’s work. He worked in London until 1941. At the age of 20, Cohen joined the Royal Air Force (RAF) in the UK.

On that day Cohen and two members of his crew, Sergeant Peter (who used to tell navigator / road) and Sergeant Les Wright (wireless operator) flew from Malta Island. It was reported that a plane in Germany has crashed into the Mediterranean Sea. After that he left for rescue work.

Upon arrival, Cohen and his team did not get anything and they decided to return. Suddenly Cohen showed that the compass was behaving strangely, the radio was shut down, and the fuel of the plane was also going to end.
Arrived in Lampedosa
He asked his Navigator Peter where he was at. Peter saw the map and said, “We are near the island of Lampedusa, Italy and more than 4,000 troops are deployed here.”

Spread over roughly 20.2 kilometers, the island was completely surrounded by Benito Mussolini’s soldiers. Mussolini was Hitler & # 39; s ally in World War II.

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In 1943, allied eyes were on Lampedosa, because this place was being obstructed by ‘Operation Husky’ for the occupation of Sisli. It was necessary to control Lappaduus before any major attack was made here.

Therefore, Lampduasa was being constantly attacked, bomb blasts were being done.
Here, the situation was worse worse than Cohen and his colleagues. They had only two options – crashing the plane into the sea or landing at Lampurdosa, knowing that there are thousands of soldiers and they will be taken captive.

They chose the second, i.e. Land in Lampurdosa

Cohen told the whole story after landing in the media interview, which is like this:

“As soon as we landed the plane, a crowd of people came to meet us.”
We raised our hand for surrender, but only then did we see those people raise their hands, shouting white cloth, ‘No, no … we surrender …’

It seemed as if the entire island is being presented to us.

I was a little embarrassed, but then I raised the courage and asked them to bring us to our Commander.

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His commander had taken refuge in one of the rocks, located around 20 meters below the ground. An interpreter explained to me that they want to give the news of the commander’s surrender to the officials as soon as possible.

The soldiers stationed in Lampurdasa were fed up with the bombing there and they wanted to surrender before the Allies as soon as possible.
They were not able to send a signal of dedication to their wish because their wireless connection had stopped working because of the bombing. I told them to write a message of surrender on a paper and give it. He gave me the name of the commander and some writing on the paper, which I could not understand.

Simultaneously, the commander handed over the entire Lampedosu Island to Sergeant Cohen.

I told them that they should take me to the plane, but there was no one ready for help because there could be a bomb in the next few minutes and everyone was secretly saved.

Although the people on the island had enough fuel and they fueled Cohen But landing on Landdoaduosa was as dramatic as taking away from it is almost as difficult as it is.

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Great achievement on the control of Lampurdosa
We somehow got back to the plane and as soon as I was about to start it, four battalions started firing on us.

To save lives, we had to jump down and miraculously, we had no injury. This happened four times.

After all we succeeded in flying and landed at my Maltai base.

Going there, Cohen handed over the paper to his officers in which the surrender was said to be done.

At that time the condition of Britain was very bad and he was afraid of Nazi aggression every day. In such a case, Lampudosa was a great achievement in his hand.
The next day, British newspapers printed the story of the brave action of Kohan on the first page. A newspaper called them ‘king of lindurdas’ in the heading of the news.

The Governor of Lampudosa formally surrendered before the Army and Navy on the morning of June 13.

Sergeant Cohen continued to work in RAF till the end of the World War. On August 26, 1946, when he was returning, his plane disappeared, and then no one knew about them.

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