A secret of 11 deaths of buradi and 11 unsolved questions

_102303629_a57613cb-61ea-4946-a741-e88a83aa0b63.jpgThe matter of being found dead in suspicious circumstances of 11 people on Sundays in Sant Nagar bari terrain of north Delhi is becoming increasingly intriguing.

The police is investigating both murder and suicide in this case from angle. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police on Monday, based on the initial postmortem report, said it could be a case of suicide, but Joint Police Commissioner of Crime Branch Alok Kumar clarified that no conclusion can be reached from now on.

On Monday, all 11 bodies were postmortemed at Maulana Azad Medical College. All the people of this family had taken a vision of eye donation, but only six bodies could be taken for charity.

After two days of this incident, the questions are getting deeper on the issue. Let’s look at 11 similar questions as well.

first question
The eldest of these families, known as the Bhatia family, was the eldest Narayan Devi (77) who was found dead on the floor in another room. Apart from this, his eldest son, Bhavnesh alias Bhupi (50), the second son Lalit (45) and his wife Savita (48) and Tina (42) were also hanged. Two young daughters of Bhupi and a minor son, as well as a 15-year-old son of Lalit, are also found dead.

On Sunday morning, when Chashmidad Gurcharan Singh entered the house, 10 people were found hanged from the trapped. He explains that all the doors were open. The question arises that the police is also talking about suicide, so if this was a suicide, how were the doors of this house open?

second question
Keeping in mind the angle of murder, the police, who were investigating, got two registrars from the house on Sunday, which had written related to spiritual and salvation.

Delhi Police say that the way in which the hand, mouth and eyes were tied to the straps, some corpses were bound in similar lines. The biggest question arises whether the family was committing suicide in the form of this register?
Third question
The oldest woman, Narayan Devi, got dead on the ground in a second room, while all the people were hanged in a place. Some of these hands were open

Did the people whose hands were open first carried out this incident and then committed suicide?

Fourth question
If the family was committing suicide, then why did not anyone protest? According to the police, scratches or injury marks have not been found on any body.

Recently, on June 17, Narayan’s Natin Priyanka (33) was engaged and soon to get married. Before the big time, can the family commit suicide in a collective way?
Fifth question
Neighbors said that the family was very religious. A neighboring border told the BBC that these people used to take part in satsang and worship. They had told that these people used to say ‘good thoughts’ outside their grocery store.

The eldest son of this family Bhavanesh used to run this grocery store. Neighbors say that this family did not sleep without worship. Did the people of this family die because of being more religious?

Sixth question
Speaking of getting involved in salvation from home and registering various verbs, speculation is being made in this family’s tantric activities, but the neighbors say that they never saw a priest or tantrik in the house and did not see them going.

Then the question arises whether this plot has been laid down to wipe out the investigation of this matter.
Seven Questions
The matter of being connected to any tantric or pandit of this family has not been revealed yet, but the neighbors say that the voice of the younger son of this house was gone because of any illness.

Then they resorted to many religious actions since their voice was back. So, after this incident, this family had become quite religious and motivated by somebody or came under somebody’s influence and collectively took this step from the family?

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On the outer wall of the house there are 11 pipe out
Eighth question
Handwriting written in the register is being described as Lalit Bhatia’s handwriting, did she only believe in the actions of these mechanisms?

In fact, 11 pipes have come out in the outer part of the wall of the house No. 4A of Sant Nagar buradi, which no use is seen.

A contractor who made this house said on condition of anonymity that on the say of Lalit Bhatia, he had pipe he pulled out of the wall. Lalit had told the contractor that the air outside would come home.

These 11 pipes were planted for which, seven of them were folded and 4 were straight, and all went out towards an empty plot.

Ninth question
Delhi Police has linked it to suicide in the register based on the mechanisms of tantra, whereas its second angle does not seem to have been tried yet.

Is the police believing in solving this with only blindness of superstitions and has not found any clues related to murder?
Only the living dog was tied on the roof of the house
Tenth question
Relatives of the Bhatia family believe that he was a prosperous family. At the same time, neighbors say that if someone did not have any money to bring the goods from their grocery store, then they would have asked to bring it later.

Relative claims say that these people can not commit suicide, then, according to relatives, it is considered a murder. This is also a question.

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Eleventh question
The whole family lived in Baddi for the last 20 years. Narayana Devi had a daughter in Sujata Panipat and a son lived in Rajasthan. Apart from this, there is no information of any great property of this family.

If this was a joint family, then if it was a murder then what would be the reason for it, the police would have to answer it.

Crime Branch of Delhi Police is investigating this matter from every point of view. Whatever the reasons for this incident, when it will come out, only then will the truth be known.

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