A big accident procrastinate of motorman’s Sensibility in mumbai

_102306605_1a2a7457-343d-43b1-a653-1128efcdf4f7.jpgWith the rain in Mumbai, the news of accidents is also started. This has happened this time too. A part of the Gokhale Bridge, which connects the Andheri East with Andheri West, has broken.

Five people were injured in the accident and they were admitted to Cooper Hospital.

The injured have four men and one woman. The condition of two of them is critical and they have been admitted to ICU.
Motorman’s discrepancy is a big accident
This tragedy could have been worse if the motorman Chandrasekhar Sawant had not worked with his discretion. Chandrasekhar stopped the local train just a few meters from the bridge breaking point.

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The bridge almost broke at 7:30 in the morning. At that time the local train was sent from Borivali to Churchgate. The train was in its normal pace when Chandrasekhar saw the bridge breaking. The interesting thing is that due to the rain there was not much visible in front of it, but Motorman Chandrasekhar’s watchmaker saw the bridge breaking.
They stopped the train immediately after breaking the brakes and there was a big accident in this way.

At present the team of BMC, Fire Brigade, NDRF and RPF has reached the site and relief and rescue work is on. According to the information received from the Western Railway, the accident occurred almost seven and a half hours.

No one is afraid of being trapped
According to the RPF officials there is no possibility of being stranded in anybody’s wreck. In the next few hours the situation is likely to be normal.
At the moment, the movement of trains is closed under the bridge. Western Railway line is affected. Rail service between Bandra and Goregaon is closed. Many passengers are stranded at Andheri and Vile Parle stations.

Additional buses have been set up between Goregaon and Bandra to reduce the hassle of people.

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