Why PM Modi is not meeting with these Chief Ministers ?


Chief Minister of one of the states of south India asked for four times the meeting with the Prime Minister but could not get it. A Union Territory Chief Minister is waiting for a meeting with the Prime Minister for two months after verbal and written request.

Both the Chief Ministers want to discuss with the Prime Minister on issues related to the welfare of the people of their province. At the same time, Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, along with the all-party delegation, wants to discuss the food supply with the Prime Minister.

Puducherry Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy wants to talk to the Prime Minister about the problems being faced in getting financial help because of being the Union Territory of the state.

Narayanasamy told the BBC, “I contacted the Prime Minister’s Office, demanded a meeting with the Prime Minister at the Chief Minister’s Conference, I wrote the letter addressing the Prime Minister two months ago but no reply has been received so far.”

It is not that only Kerala and Puducherry are having problems connecting with the Prime Minister or the Prime Minister’s Office. Even though these things seem strange but tension is being felt between the central government and relations between most of the states and Union Territories of South India.

Is there any tension?
Due to lack of special economic package, the ruling Telugu Desam Party in Andhra Pradesh has separated itself from BJP alliance. Karnataka Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy got the opportunity to meet the Prime Minister but there is no change in the attitude of the Center towards the state.

Siddaramaiah’s ‘Bagde Bol’ and the future of the coalition

Will the Left demolish Kerala like in Tripura?
Karnataka and JDS coalition government Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy in Karnataka met courtesy Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi
Ordinance of establishment of Kaveri Water Management Board was issued the next day after the visit of Kumaraswamy and Modi. After deciding the quantity of water for the Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Puducherry of the Board, the central government will decide how much water is left for the farmers of Karnataka.

In Tamil Nadu, where AIADMK is a government with soft relations with BJP, Governor Banwarilal Purohit warned DMK leader MK Stalin to file a lawsuit under the provisions of the Indian Penal Code. The leader of the opposition Stalin was blocking the road going to the building.

‘Do not care for Modi’
In fact, the governor was reviewing the works being done in the state through the district authorities. The DMK was protesting by saying that there is a chosen government, then what is the need for it. Puducherry’s Lieutenant Governor and former IPS officer Kiran Bedi has been accused of interfering in the functioning of the elected government.

In the leftist government of Kerala, Finance Minister Dr Thomas Isaac said to the BBC, “I think the Prime Minister and the Government of Delhi do not care about the federal structure at this time, they think that the Center only decides everything.”

After the ban was stopped when Pinarayi Vijayan asked for the first time to meet the Prime Minister, when the ban on changing bank’s restricted notes of co-operative sector was stopped.
Dr. Issak says, “Later we came to know that before the ban was imposed on other co-operative banks, many concessions were given to co-operative banks, controlled by Amit Shah. Co-operative banks in Kerala up to thirty percent Lenders and people were not allowed to own their money. ”

Dr. Isaac says, “After that we would like to discuss for setting up an All India Medical Center in Kerala because Kerala has the best healthcare facilities, but our demand has also been rejected. Kerala is the only province where since 1960 the foodgrains There are statutory rations, but we had some issues due to food security law and we wanted more allocation for Kerala. ”

“We wanted to discuss, the center’s opinion could have been different. We want to talk to the Prime Minister on this issue, but the Prime Minister is not ready to talk.”

Impact of BJP’s growing power
But O Rajagopal, the only BJP member in the Kerala Assembly, does not think there is any problem between Chief Minister P. Vijayan and Prime Minister Modi.

He says, “The point is that the Chief Minister is not happy with the BJP’s rise in the state, and he feels that he can work with the central government, he has not even visited the Prime Minister, he wants to visit his Politburo The Prime Minister’s Office wanted to know what the Chief Minister was trying to talk about. So, from the Prime Minister’s Office, he was given food and civic Sent supply ministry. What’s wrong? ”
Political analyst MG Radhakrishnan says, “I do not think there is any personal animosity between Prime Minister and Vijayan as you see in their relationship with Mamta Banerjee or Kejriwal. In the initial days, the prime minister came as a statesman, but now Kerala and He is not interested in his development. The BJP’s position is not encouraging in this matter. The condition of BJP is bad in the state. Land. Amit Shah here many times but the party could not be revived. ”

Radhakrishnan says, “Earlier, any chief minister had no problem in meeting the Prime Minister, but he was not allowed to meet him four times. There is not much to lose in this region in BJP and this is why he Interest is low here. ”

Question of constitution
Rajpi P, editor of CPM’s newspaper Deshbhimani and former MP, says, “It is a step-by-step deal with Kerala against the basic structure of the Constitution.”

On condition of anonymity, a senior BJP leader said, “This is not an issue on which we give comments or feedback.”

DMK spokesman and legislator Manraj Shanmugam said, “The central government is targeting different state governments in a different way, it is harming the federal structure of the country. We urge the governor to maintain courtesy. But it also has a lax line. ”
Relationship between Puducherry’s lieutenant governor Kiran Bedi and Chief Minister V Narayanasamy is not normal
But Shanmugam also says that the problem of governor Banwar Lal Lal is not limited to Tamil Nadu only. He says, “Some time ago, the Governor of Kerala called the Chief Minister and sought explanation.” Governor of Puducherry is always disputed with the Chief Minister, Karnataka Governor Vajubhai Vala has invited the BJP to form the government, which even the Supreme Court has held wrong. . ”

Giving examples of Bihar and Arunachal Pradesh, Shanmugam says that the governors are becoming agents of the central government. He says that the matter of concern is that the governors are acting not just the central government but the agent of a political party.

He says, there is clearly a pattern showing and we will go to any extent and tell them that it is unconstitutional.

At the same time, Dr. Isaac says, “We will soon convene a national conference on the issues of states’ rights, all of which are being done to reconcile the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.”

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